About Us

AVRspot has become SmartTek. More info here.

Smart Tek

We create, cater and establish high quality AR/VR solutions

Our Mission

We change the way of interaction with the world to improve customer experience.

Our Vision

Through immersive technologies, we have brought service providers and consumers closer together and allowed us to gain experience interacting with a product or service without any territorial, time, or administrative constraints.

Training programs, although immersive technologies, allowed them to gain practical knowledge and skills more quickly and immediately test them in a safe environment.

Why Choose Us?

Design driven development

By applying design-driven prototyping approach in combination with proven project management techniques our highly qualified team delivers outstanding digital solutions and content to our clients.

User centric approach

We cooperate closely with our customers. Our strategies ignite leading-edge product concepts and solutions that improve productivity, boost performance, and deliver advanced experiences.

Extensive experience

Our team provides AR/VR Consulting, Product Design & Implementation, and Usability Testing. Moreover, we have an experience in cross-border collaboration and virtual teams.

Flexible development

We use Agile Methodology which enables our team to promote adaptive planning, evolutionary and flexible development process, quick delivery, and continuous improvement of a product.

Meet our team

Andrii Linskyi

Head of R&D and Co-Founder


Tech Lead

Lidia Harbuz

Customer Relations

Oleksandr Shvydchenko

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How can we help you?

Whether you have questions about VR/AR solutions, our services and prices, we’re always happy to answer them.