Augmented Reality Fitness Apps and How We Develop Them

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Augmented Reality Fitness Apps and How We Develop Them

Will fitness AR ever rule the world? That may sound like an unfounded statement, yet it turns out, that an augmented reality is spreading everywhere. Once limited to gamers, modern AR technologies combine value with entertainment. If you ever wanted to learn more about augmented reality fitness apps, we’re here to help.

What is a fitness AR app?

Before diving deeper into fitness AR, we have to talk about how these apps actually work. Basically, there are a few types of augmented reality fitness apps, and they work slightly differently, but with the same principle — each app integrates digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment.

Holographic trainers, personalized workouts, workout gamification, nutrition and diet apps — this intriguing list of fitness AR use cases should get you reeling with the possibilities.

Holographic trainers

The holographic trainer is probably one of the most attractive fitness AR apps. Instead of looking for workout videos or reading boring instructions on an app, users can project a virtual personal trainer in the gym or any other workout space. Picture this: you can walk around your coach to see the way muscles work and workout alongside him or her.

How we designed Augmented Reality Trainer Assistant

For the fitness lovers to use the app in any gym they choose, the app should have recognized various types of gym training equipment. To overcome this challenge we included advanced computer vision algorithms so that the virtual trainer could show the user an appropriate workout.

You can also check out the case study of our AR Trainer app.

Such an app is an awesome business idea. Everyone seems to like working out with their iPhones that is like having a personal trainer who’ll show you how to lose weight or strengthen body lines.

Workout gamification

This may sound weird, but games like notorious Pokemon Go or Zombies, Run! can make even a sluggard go out and about. Besides being a powerful trigger for AR, Pokemon Go is a great alternative to the gym. It’s an easy way to cover several miles a day by collecting monsters without feeling like you’re working out. Another app, called Zombies, Run! functions in a similar way. Creepy zombies are chasing gamers and don’t want them live to see the next day – better than a race track, isn’t it?

Nutrition and diet apps

There are a bunch of apps that track nutrition habits, count calories, and even create a specific diet for allergic people. People love them, but what would be if we add AR functionality to such an app?

Suggestic, the US startup, created an app allowing users to show their preferences, select a diet or nutrition plan, optimize it to user’s unique biology. While all these features are awesome but not revolutionary for nutrition apps, augmented reality has become a game-changing innovation.

The Suggestic app offers users something other nutrition apps failed to do. Customers can simply point their phones at any restaurant menu and instantly see what’s good for them, according to their diet, biology, preferences, and goals.

Hiking Apps

Hiking app is an app that allows users to show off their run, hike or cycling session after they’ve finished. Strava is a great example of such an app. Using the app users can “pin” a topographical map of your route to any flat surface and examine a three dimensional model of the terrain you just hiked.

How do fitness AR apps make money?

Some apps offer a premium subscription or encourage you to buy a membership that would unlock access to unlimited features. Suggestic provides their users with free 7-day trial and paid a yearly subscription, including basic and premium eating plans. Other apps include in-app purchases or in-app ads, allowing their owners to generate revenue. AR Trainer we developed has in-app purchases integration allowing shoppers to buy premium account and enjoy a wider range of training equipment and exercises.

What are your next steps?

If you want to make money from having an app on Google Play or App Store, augmented reality fitness app is a perfect choice. If you are interested in developing your own solution or just have questions, contact our experts — we are glad to help you.