Augmented Reality Phobia Treatment Application

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Augmented Reality Phobia Treatment Application

Treat phobias by using a brand-new and effective strategy


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About Project

AR’s unique ability to transport you somewhere else is used to simulate the scenarios in which psychological difficulties occur. No longer does a therapist need to put a real spider or a cockroach on your hand to treat insectophobia. With Augmented Reality Phobia Treatment Application you can use exposure therapy that involves gradual exposure to your fear, so you feel less anxious about it and get rid of simple phobias. AR is quite effective in phobia treatment, so many disorders can now be cured in the consulting room, with the simulations graded in difficulty and repeated as often as necessary. The Augmented Reality Phobia Treatment Application we developed works in both, usual and cardboard modes.


Virtualium contracted SmartTek to develop an application for Augmented Reality Exposure Therapy allowing the phobic person to put themselves in the presence of their fear.

Besides building a comprehensive web application that allows mixing both the real and virtual worlds to get rid of arachnophobia, we had to incorporate other phobia treatment option into the app. The key challenge was to combine a few phobia treatment options in one app.

As a result of this cooperation, an innovative Augmented Reality Phobia Treatment app with arachnophobia and claustrophobia treatment options has been released. When opening the app users can choose which phobia they want to overcome.

Arachnophobia treatment option

The system recognizes the users’ hand laying near the printed marker and shows both the real world as well as augmented spiders and cockroaches. Overall, the app allows users to choose the type of an insect, which they are scared of as well as size, quantity, and movement of bugs.

Claustrophobia treatment option

Besides the arachnophobia treatment option, the app can be used by psychologists to treat claustrophobia.

By using their phones or google cardboards, users can be exposed to small, enclosed spaces surrounded by brick walls that gradually narrow. The therapist can choose the distance of walls, speed, and movement type.

Both options have a button to enter a cardboard mode or switch to a mobile version. A cardboard mode allows users to fully immerse into the phobia treatment and feel the danger more closely.


The delivered application allows our client to treat phobias by using a brand-new, effective strategy.

SmartTek’s unique technology competence allowed us to implement an augmented reality phobia treatment application and bring the revolutionary idea to life.

A new app is now stepping forward to help tackle patients’ anxiety, from the fear of cockroaches to the fear of enclosed spaces.

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