Augmented Reality Smile Application

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Augmented Reality Smile Application

Pick the perfect smile for your jawline

About Project

You never know what kind of smile suits you best. So, AVRspot created the app that allows you to pick the perfect smile for your jawline and take a selfie picture using iOS/Android camera while switching your teeth with friends, family and even celebrities. Augmented reality gives camera lenses intelligence, allowing them to contextually recognize what’s in front of them. Leading industries have already started using Computer Vision and AR algorithms to make a powerful impression with its latest products and services. Computer Vision can be used as an interactive and engaging way to demonstrate different products to your potential customers.

AR Smile would work like Snapchat, by augmenting a teeth region with a filter, providing a perfectly looking smile. The application would enable the patient to take a picture on front and back camera, save it, choose an impeccable smile from a database and take a picture with a new smile within seconds.

This should be made possible by augmented reality: a picture is taken of the patient’s own teeth, on which a virtual model of the new set of teeth is superimposed.


Our technology stack for this project is Unity 3D, Computer Vision Algorithms, Haar Cascades Algorithm and Face Landmark Recognition.

The application enables an easy and fast experience by using computer vision algorithms. The solution can significantly facilitate teeth whitening process or it can be used for socializing and fun. The AR Smile works in the offline mode, allowing the user to view teeth in the menu or add smiles into the database.

The users can hold a phone camera in front of them and try on a new smile. Once the system locks onto the user’s mouth and teeth, it overlays the chosen teeth. With just a few swipes, it is possible to configure the smoothness, scale, vagueness, and height of the teeth. The user or patient is able to see in real time how this alters their facial appearance and then choose whichever variant they like best.

Thanks to using new augmented technologies, AVRspot have managed to achieve good results.

The solution we developed can be applied by dentists to show their patients how their teeth would look like after the certain medical procedure.

Using Face Landmark Recognition, the app identifies the smile in the image and substitutes it on other smiles to determine the best fit. The users can then adjust the size and shape of the teeth to match their mouths on the picture.  


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