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Virtual Reality

Cost-effective virtual reality solutions for numerous industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Applications that allow your customers to interact with your products or services from anywhere in the world.

3D Modelling

Full-fledged 3D models of any objects, regardless of their size or complexity to help your customers get an immersive view of the product.

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VR applications have become a real successor in many industries from gaming to healthcare. After all, by immersing customers or employees, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to interact with them much more cost-effectively.

The cost of product development is one of the main issues of interest at the initial stage of negotiations. Quite often clients receive detailed proposals, but what determines the cost of developing an augmented reality application?

Have you ever thought about how baseball stars feel during a big game? Now you can experience it without even leaving home. Just try Pro VR Baseball.

The main purpose of the VR training efficiency is the full immersion and the ability to simulate any situation or object in a virtual environment. For which cases is VR training in the health care system suitable?

Indoor AR Guide is about highlighting the small details that your guests will notice. It helps them feel good about renting your unit and to see how hard you work for them to have an enjoyable trip!

VR/MR systems may enhance the educational process and better prepare healthcare providers for practice, who may be less qualified, provide assistance at the scene of an emergency. 

Virtual and augmented reality are great tools for healthcare. Let’s take a closer look at where AR and VR can help healthcare professionals in the field of dentistry.

You may think that after launching an AR solution, not everybody will be able to use it. Well, this is not the case.

Simulation Lab is an essential step in the training of any future or current healthcare expert. However, is it possible to optimize this experience? 

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Nowadays, the wildest dreams of science fiction writers are penetrating into our current day and age. And mixed reality is a huge part of it.

Several months ago, AVRspot team got a fantastic project on creating a virtual bicycle tour. And we were amazed by this concept!

Many companies have used AR during their marketing campaigns and saw up to 30% growth in sales.

VR is helping predict, and thus potentially evade the hazards and disruption risks associated with the use of an assembly line.

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare or design, AR can complement your marketing strategies and deliver strong results.

1.4 million real estate agents are using VR to showcase property to prospective clients. This implies an aggregated commission market from using VR currently exceeds $107 billion.

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