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The 7 Biggest Internet of Things (IoT) Tendencies to Follow in 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept refers to the increasing number of devices connected to the Internet and collecting and sharing various data. We can observe the Internet of Things latest trends in our homes, offices, or factories based on smart thermostats and other devices. Thus, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide is forecast to triple from 9.7 billion in 2020 to more than 29 billion IoT devices in 2030. 

The Internet of Things means taking something from the physical world and representing it in a digital form. Small sensors that collect and analyze our daily environment are literally everywhere: your steps, breath, blood rate, temperature, humidity, etc. They are then sent to the cloud to bring value in the form of insights.  

Thus, technologies are always in front of us and will always be. Beyond its hype and glory, IoT development has a significant impact on products, organizational structures, and business models. The world is over digitalized to stop being so, so more industries will benefit from technology evolution and try to implement the latest IoT trends to remain actual and competitive. Let’s review some of the IoT 2022 trends people will ubiquitously use. 

Edge IoT

The first IoT trend is related to edge computing, whereas the last means more computing occurs on the device where different data is collected. It makes sense mostly in cloud computing that gathers digital information by simple sensors like basic cameras or microphones. It covers smart cameras, wearable devices, smart machines, and more. Meanwhile, more processing will be divided between the edge and the cloud. 

New Type of Sensors

Present-day sensors are too large for highly requested wireless devices, so the new type of sensors IoT trend is coming to the fore. Small battery-operated products are in demand (e.g., carbon monoxide monitors), as well as a sustainability approach (e.g., because of pollution ozone).  

Sensor Fusion

Connected to a recent trend in IoT, new sensing capabilities of small sensors are still necessary. Therefore, data will be combined to get insights and create new value based on the underlying data, namely big data. For instance, analyzing temperature and humidity gives some information, but combining these indicators brings deeper insight. 

IoT in Healthcare

This Internet of Things industry trend is transforming the medicine sphere because it: 

  • helps doctors to collect patients’ data and understand their conditions more precisely and timely; 
  • enables to work autonomously to improve the users’ quality of life, which allows doctors to potentially examine, diagnose, and treat a larger number of patients; 
  • expands health care to regions where physical access is limited. 

Telemedicine, remote healthcare, wheelchairs, fitness bands, insulin pumps, and more devices will contribute to healthcare management as one of the most active areas of IoT development. 

IoT in Business and Industry

Internet of things industry trends will change how we make things and what we make to run a successful and up-to-date business. For example, plants will actively use IoT devices as part of smart factories, e.g., co-working robots or smart and connected machines. The devices can predict and prevent when they might break down or even repair themselves effectively, unlike people, which always add a human factor.  

Therefore, IoT in business will be used for quality control processes and technology-build products your company is manufacturing. When you monitor the service of products, improve the after-sales environment, and control logistics, it results in more satisfied clients and inevitable business success.  

IoT in Security

Another IoT trend is security since our daily-use IoT devices provide access points to our network’s data. According to the majority of security research, a billion IoT attacks happen during one year because there are communities of people who earn money hacking your IoT devices.  

There are 2 sides to the security IoT trend: 

  1. We commonly see denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) that work by bombarding systems with connection requests, causing them to break and possibly expose valuable data. Another way to secure your business is hijacking computer power from devices that can be used to create botnets that attack other systems or cryptocurrencies. 
  1. Additionally, the main challenge around the security of devices is that IoT devices can also gather data on network activity to prevent and predict cyberattacks. 

So, the trend is ambiguous: more attack vectors while using it to help you protect your data. What’s left is staying tuned and observing how far this Internet of Things trend goes. 

Low Power Technology

Every device you use needs to be charged. As soon as companies present a new model, they always mention that battery is 30%, 35%, or even 40% better. However, you still need to plug in your phone every night. Consequently, we can expect lithium-ion battery replacement up to IoT trends in 2025. For example, it may be substituted with lithium-sulfur, graphene, or other supercapacitors.  

In 2022, we can definitely observe energy capacitors’ performance. Harvesting is a great example of how light switches press themselves and generate enough energy to start a small processor. Besides, there are wooden floors that generate electricity when you walk on them due to power sensors. 


Whether or not we’re notified, automation is already normalized with artificial intelligence and IoT things working together in the daily lives of people and enterprises. Smart cars, watches, or voice assistances sound like obsolete Internet of Things trends now, but they have entered our lives quite recently. Technology evolution is rushing, and new trends will appear annually. The main task is to keep up with this pace to remain competitive and flexible.  

If you are interested in how IoT can improve your business, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with expertise and solution. 

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