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How Construction Business Can Benefit from Augmented and Mixed Reality

The construction industry is full of challenges ranging from the need to show the appearance of an unfinished building to the execution of a construction plan without delays and budget increases. Besides, it is necessary to provide builders with all the necessary information to avoid possible mistakes. These are just a few issues that need to be addressed in the construction business. However, they can be solved quite easily thanks to Augmented and Mixed Reality. Read more about it in our new article.

Prevention of Errors and Discrepancies

Building Information Modelling (BIM) utilizes 3D modeling, IT, and software compatibility to design, construct, and operate a building project, as well as communicate its details. The American Institute of Architects has defined BIM as “a model-based technology linked with a database of project information”.

The killing feature of BIM is that it contains not only a general model of a building but also a layout of pipelines, electrical communications, texture data, etc. Constructors can quickly access this information through Augmented and Mixed Reality. AR/MR applications allow superimposing computer-generated images from CAD or Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs onto a user’s view of the real world, resulting in a composite or augmented image.

Construction Supervising

With the help of augmented and mixed reality, builders can observe the construction site seeing the augmented overlay of the BIM model on top of the structure. The constructor can take photos or videos for the project team to view. It also allows checking how unbuilt structures, such as underground pipes, cable lines, or ducts align with a construction plan.

Demonstration of a Building Through AR/MR When It Yet Exists on Blueprints

It is challenging to show your customers how the building will look like when completed. Luckily, you don’t have to build a house and knock it down in case the investor wanted something different. Augmented reality is a smart solution that allows your clients to see the structure in a place where it will be built and experience a real-time walkthrough. Our AR team at SmartTek designs and creates such immersive solutions. Please check out our demo “AResidence” app.

More Effective and Safer Training for Construction Workers

Human errors are a fairly common cause of production disruptions and as a result of money losses. One of the reasons for the mistakes is the low qualification of construction staff. However, this problem is often quite difficult to solve, because even engineers with a degree sometimes do not have enough practical skills. Also, such training simulations are time-consuming and dangerous for students.

The best solution is to use augmented and mixed reality applications, which show workers how to perform any task properly in a safe environment and minimize staff errors.

Are Augmented and Mixed Reality Good for Your Construction Business?

If you are looking for an awesome visualization tool for construction, an AR app is a great option. Through augmented and mixed reality you can show your client any type of building at any stage of construction. A combination of AR/MR and architectural visualization is a huge leap for businesses and has been successfully tried out already. Moreover, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are powerful tools for carrying out construction according to the plan, supervising each stage of construction as well as holding safe and effective training for construction workers.

If you are interested in this or a similar solution, please contact us, we will answer all your questions.

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