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XR in Business: Why, How, and What for?

There are lots of confusing terms in the industry, so the “what is X reality?” question is quite coherent. Indeed, it all starts with X reality (XR) which stands for Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR), and Virtual (VR) realities. For most, XR reality is just a convenient way of bunching AR and VR together in this field of spatial computing. Thus, we will separately talk about effective AR and VR examples in training, operations, sales, and marketing that fit diverse businesses. 

What Is the Value of Using XR/AR/VR in Your Business?

There are many AR/VR applications that XR reality development services propose for different industries. The primary goal is to bring people from around the world together in some virtual environment and have them feel like they’re sharing the same experience, almost face to face. As a result, your business can have a much more effective form of collaboration with clients. Yes, XR reality is happening now, not in the future. 

6 reasons why people are eager to pay for X reality interaction now:  

  1. It allows never discovered sensory effects and tactile feedback. 
  1. It increases mobility. 
  1. It shows a new world due to ultra-realistic graphics and animation. 
  1. It entertains boring lives. 
  1. It provides personalized content and a broader/deeper user experience.  
  1. It expands the “try-before-you-buy” concept.  

XR reality developers are vast now, so you can address anyone you prefer to increase your business profit with attractive virtual collaboration events, sessions, and workshops, communicating with clients all over the world. Collaboration is just the tip of the iceberg, and more X reality opportunities include visualizing assets and environments to travel to a completely different space, location, or time.  

6 reasons why you should be eager to invest in X reality application for your business: 

  1. It develops new business models. 
  1. It assures innovative customer experiences and retains them. 
  1. It increases the value of the product or service the brand proposes. 
  1. It boosts sales by attracting and engaging new audiences. 
  1. It allows employees to train in everyday work scenarios more effectively. 
  1. It collects users’ personal data for marketing purposes. 

Suppose your customers have a modern way of visualizing the environment of your product or service. In that case, it puts your business in a much better position for people to avoid errors that cost at least $5 or human lives at most. Moreover, many independent XR reality developers and dedicated teams work on the market, ready to develop the best fitting application as per all your needs. 

3 Amazing Examples of How AR Can Be Used in Business?

Appliances, Furniture, and Other Tangible Products 

If you develop an IKEA-like business, either online or offline, we advise using XR reality development services to create an app that helps visualize any item in a real customer’s bedroom or kitchen. They just click on a product, instantly see it, and no longer hesitate if it fits their interior.   

In this scenario, clients become potential since they can quickly change the types of appliances and furniture, colors, sizes, and so on. To understand how it works, visit the Shopify AR tool that allows users to view products in natural environments before buying them. Besides, seeing some products in their natural surroundings increases the probability of buying because people become more emotionally attached to an item. 

Clothing & Fashion 

AR stimulates in-person shopping experiences online by allowing customers to see how a product might look on them. Thus, they can see how the virtual version of the jacket fits or doesn’t their body type or skin color. They can also try on jewelry, makeup, and sunglasses. It is called virtual fitting room technology.   

We all talk about sustainability now, and many people are really concerned. Such an application attracts this audience and shows your values. Smartphones, smart glasses, smart mirrors, and other wearable devices will provide the bulk of these environmentally-friendly X reality experiences. 

Virtual User Instructions & Assembly Instructions 

AR-based virtual user manuals can display 3D holograms, overlays, and visual instructions in the form of 3D animations for products such as vehicles, refrigerators, cameras, and more. Consequently, if you’re a big retailer, you can develop one app with access to all items you sell.   

When it comes to assembly instructions, users can see the construction of items such as desks, cabinets, and more in many phases. As a result, people do not get irritated and come back to your shop with confidence and trust.  

5 VR Business Opportunities

Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants 

Before people book a room, they naturally want to see it. But clients become more demanding, and simple pictures are not enough. To cater to them, film your place in a VR environment with attention to all details. We are all waiting for technologies that send scents, but a high-quality VR compilation is good for now. When people walk around the pool area or restaurant, they imagine how they’d swim or eat here, which increases sales conversion. 

Car Retail 

For example, if your client wants a completely different interior of a Mercedes car, they might hesitate regarding color or design. VR glasses give them a complete look of a red interior with white buttons or a green car with white tires. And it is called a client-oriented approach. You give them a personalized experience, and they are happy to pay you.  

Mental Health 

There is increased attention to the mental health and emotional well-being of people. If you run a business in a complementary field or want to, consider using VR glasses for quicker patient recovery. People with trauma who need special conditions will get a safer space for them to process and confront, e.g., their anxieties or phobias.  

VR Collaboration 

People are actively trying to collaborate remotely, and VR apps offer a feeling of presence, which is important for any human being. Zoom doesn’t provide such an interaction, so you can go further and address XR development services to develop a better app if you work in this industry. Besides, VR is beneficial for reviewing a 3D design remotely, e.g., a building, a car, or furniture. 

Marketing Events 

VR is a great tool to showcase huge and expensive products that need to be transported. For example, in an exhibition about heavy machinery, boats, interior design, or private planes, you can set up a pair of VR headsets and showcase your product in an immersive way, namely more exciting. Thus, you save many resources because of no need to transport the real machinery. Additionally, the VR app can contain a real-time configurator and allow the user to personalize the observed product.  


It doesn’t matter whether you run a large, middle, or small business, as well as the industry you’re in. An AR or VR application from professional XR reality developers will make sense for most of your cases and provide business value. It helps whether you’re trying to increase your revenue, impact sales conversion, create new revenue/sales channels, maintain organization efficiency, or decrease production costs. We are all integrated into X reality to such an extent that AR/VR will barely impress people, so don’t lose this opportunity.  

If you hesitate whether your business is ready for the new generation of customer experience, feel free to talk to a Smart Tek expert and ensure you make the right choice.   

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