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Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise: Which One to Choose for Your Manufacture?

Price, modules, HR management, hosting, UI/UX, and more features can differ within one ERP but its different versions. Thus, Odoo Enterprise vs. Community has different fees, features, support, and upgrade options. Your choice must depend on your manufacture size, team’s capabilities, and other personal needs. If you are vague, you should always address the expert Odoo ERP team to install the selected module correctly. 

In case you hesitate about what module to install, make sure to read our article about Odoo’s difference between Community and Enterprise first. 

Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise: General Distinctions

In layman’s words, Odoo Enterprise is the Odoo community supplemented with additional features and functionalities that are paid to benefit the business objectives. Let’s look at the differences between Odoo Community and Enterprise versions in detail. 

Check our previous article to learn more about general Odoo ERP advantages and disadvantages. 

Odoo Community Overview

Odoo Community is a good first step if you want to start with connecting your business to ERP or Odoo specifically. The system can support basic manufacturing processes like managing orders, avoiding loads of papers, and planning product availability. However, it doesn’t have support from Odoo itself and requires you to find a proficient dedicated team to help and guide you through the implementation process. 

Odoo Community is: 

  • open-source (no cost required); 
  • free of licensing fee; 
  • limited in functionality and features. 

Do you want to build eCommerce connected to your inventory? This is the task you can definitely handle with the functionality Community provides. 

Do you have a simple small-size manufacturing process and want to track all orders? This is the task you can still handle with the functionality Community provides. 

Do you want an HR system to track all employees’ day-offs, leaves, and hours of attendance? This is also the area where Community can be helpful for you. 

Odoo Enterprise Overview

Odoo Enterprise is: 

  • licensed and paid edition; 
  • charged in licensing fee; 
  • boundless in endless features. 

When it goes to the features, Enterprise is your edition to go to if you want to handle full accounting with dynamic reports. Moreover, if you want to handle and calculate payroll in your Odoo ERP, it’s only available in the Enterprise version. It also has automated journal entry creation for your payroll. If you have a manufacturing process consisting of many steps and work centers, you should also choose Enterprise. 

Thus, the younger brother of Community comes with 4 main distinctive advantages: 

  1. More new features. 
  1. Annual upgrades. 
  1. Bug fixing and internal support. 
  1. Hosting (Odoo online or 

Additionally, Odoo Enterprise vs. Community has a more attractive and friendly interface in both mobile and desktop versions. Here, you can also automate your warehouse operation with a barcode application. With Odoo enterprise, you can always access the newest features and applications for better automation, performance, and security. 

Pro Advice: You should NOT use any customization or third-party modules from the Odoo store if you want to get a FREE Odoo upgrade, bug fixing, and support available only for the base code. If you buy additions, you must purchase, upgrade, and maintain these modules yourself or with the help of the original vendor. 

Odoo Community vs. Enterprise: Core Features

The Community version offers only basic features to help its users in automating and controlling processes at manufacture: 

  • Sales; 
  • Inventory; 
  • Accounting; 
  • Manufacturing; 
  • Website; 
  • Point of sale. 

Upgrade to Enterprise edition lets you enjoy all the above functionalities plus: 

  • Hosting option; 
  • Unlimited bugfix guarantee; 
  • Unlimited features. 

If your business is just launching and gaining momentum, the Community edition is an adequate option to choose to get acquainted with Odoo. However, the Enterprise option will speed up processes with its advanced, extended, and inbuilt features. 

Do I really need an extended list of available features?

Yes, because… – Example 1: User Interface 

Suppose you want to develop an ERP for your manufacture and every employee. With the Odoo community, they can only access it in the desktop version. Conversely, they can use their accounts both on mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop versions with Odoo Enterprise, which is much more convenient.  

Yes, because… – Example 2: Website 

Suppose you want to develop and design a website for your products or services. Both versions allow the creation of blogs, forums, and chats. However, only the Enterprise version provides Amazon and eBay connector facilities to extend your target audience and sell on international markets. 

Yes, because… – Example 3: Operations 

Regarding operations, accounting, quality, check and help desk features are limited to Enterprise users. Community users can benefit only from basic operations like project folders, maintenance, and purchase options. With a middle-size and large-size manufacturer, you should have a full range of operations to run your business more effectively. 

So, Odoo Enterprise vs. Community: Which One to Choose?

With all differences between Odoo Community and Enterprise versions being said, we believe there is no universal answer for whether Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise is better for your business or manufacture. 

  1. You should always assess your personal needs regarding features, applications, and processes to be covered.  
  1. You have to know your internal team’s trends and capabilities and your company’s IT vision. 
  1. You must consider whether the purpose of the system changes in 6 months or 1 year. 

Despite your choice, it is always recommended to have a strong and reliable outsourcing development team that understands Odoo Community vs. Enterprise’s ins and outs. Even when you start with Odoo Community, it is simple to upgrade to Odoo Enterprise later by installing one extra module. 

If that’s what you want, we are more than glad to introduce our services to figure out all your problems and issues. Contact us and get a free consultation on how every Odoo version can improve your particular business.

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