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Personal Protective Equipment Training for Healthcare: How to Make It More Efficient?

In our troubled times, medical institutions are forced to be even more meticulous in training and testing the knowledge of healthcare workers. After all, such pandemics are becoming a litmus test that allows you to find all the weaknesses in the system. In particular, we now see that there is a big problem that workers are mis-donning and donning personal protection. But how to solve it properly? Smart Tek experts provide info how to make personal protective equipment training more effective.

VR as the Best Solution for Training

Virtual and mixed reality systems are excellent tools to help healthcare professionals sharpen their skills. Nowadays VR and MR apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to educate the next generation of health professionals. Their main advantage is that these applications allow students to fully immerse themselves in the situation, and accordingly, gain experience in performing certain actions without endangering themselves or the patient.

Simulation training enhances traditional approaches to learning, and the immersive experience appeals to all types of learners: audio, visual, and kinesthetic. As a result, VR/MR systems may enhance the educational process and better prepare healthcare providers for practice.

The high efficiency of virtual reality training has long been proven in practice. In the study, which was recently presented at the annual meeting of the Western Orthopedic Association, medical students who were given VR training for the procedure completed it 20% faster and completed 38% more steps correctly than those in the traditionally trained group.

Besides, the virtual reality project tackles what has always been a major challenge for medical trainees. For example, how to visualize a heart in action in 3D? Through VR goggles, they can now travel inside the heart and explore congenital heart defects as if they have been shrunken to the size of a peanut.

Modular System for Creating a Virtual Learning System

Developing a virtual learning system is not that simple. It requires a lot of effort to organize the training program and its further visualization. Most ready-made training systems are inflexible, as they simply contain a prepared program without any possibility of customization.

Another option involves developing a program from scratch, which usually takes a lot of time. Given these challenges, the SmartTek team has developed a solution that allows you to get software for training healthcare professionals in a relatively short time and customize it the way you need it. Meet the PPE VR Training Simulator platform.

So What Is PPE VR Training Simulator?

It is a modular platform for training medical staff, which involves the use of virtual reality. It already contains all necessary blocks for the organization of effective training.

Now the system is sharpened for training and testing of personal protective equipment donning and doffing, but Smart Tek team can customize it in any way you need.

Our VR Training Platform Has Several Modules:

Full Analytics

You can track the learning progress of each user. In particular, how much time is spent on exercises, which of them were the most difficult for the trainee, what mistakes he or she made, etc.

Content Management

An admin of the platform can add any type of content – text, video, or image, as well as making quizzes to check the awareness of employees.

User Management

This option enables to add an unlimited number of users to the platform and assign them roles. For example, you can add admins to moderate training and provide content management. Also, you can create an account for each employee who will be trained, so you’re able to see the full training statistics of each person.


This module allows the creation of an unlimited number of tasks to understand the employee’s learning progress. You can conduct testing in different forms for any content. As a result, you can transfer the entire training program to a virtual environment and make it more convenient and accessible to employees because they can study remotely.

Summing Up

As a result, by ordering PPE VR Training Simulator, you get a full-fledged flexible training system, which, thanks to the implementation of virtual technologies, allows training and testing of medical staff to be 20% more effective.

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