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The Top 5 Interesting Uses of VR/AR Technology in 2021

Do you think you are already aware of all possible Virtual and Augmented reality (VR/AR) applications? We still have something to impress you! Even despite the global pandemic, emerging crisis, and quarantine restrictions, modern technologies continue to develop, providing more and more opportunities to diverse spheres of human existence. Stay on trend, read our new article and discover recent inclinations VR/AR can bring to your life!

1. More Efficient Remote Assistance


While most companies are still looking for appropriate ways of communication during the pandemic of COVID-19, virtual and augmented reality has already solved this issue. Remote assistance undoubtedly poses a set of severe restrictions, such as improper issue description, insufficient information concerning problem evaluation, and several matters related to maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, it is possible to minimize these risks thanks to the use of VR/AR.

AR and VR in Remote Assistance: How It Works

Let’s describe a representative instance in order to show you how it works. AR is utilized to supplement physical objects with the layer of virtual instruction to identify the problem for the expert’s investigation. As a result, this modernized approach guarantees quick and visible troubleshooting, decreases the time of the inquiry and significantly lessens the cost of future support.

Example of Success

For instance, Vodafone successfully uses an AR assistance program for customer support. This technology not only solved problems related to the quarantine limitations but also raised client satisfaction to 68%.

2. Gamified Properties of Your Immersive Experience

How Uses of VR/AR Move Beyond the Game Industry

Although VR/AR was initially developed as an innovative tool for the gaming industry, it has gained a broader application today. VR/AR gaming revolutionized the way people experience video games. However, VR technology’s game-like elements may also benefit many different businesses, ranging from banking areas to public catering services.

AR and VR Examples in Banking Sphere

The adoption of gamification is also associated with the motivation, collaboration, and cooperation of both employees and customers. Just imagine the benefits personal banking may get with the properties of VR/AR! For example, Widiba, a Milan-based bank, already uses VR technology. With their interactive VR application, customers can go around the bank, perform transactions, check their current balance, and interact with assistants.

Example of Success

AR/VR properties allow companies to encourage customers’ participation as well as to boost their engagement. For instance, McDonald’s Happy Goggles offer an interactive immersion suitable for children because it includes several game elements that help captivate kids’ attention. Hence, a Happy Meal Box is folded into a VR headset, allowing children to play games using this box and their smartphones.

3. Interested in Space Explorations? VR/AR Technology Brings It Closer!

Extended Accessibility

Since time immemorial, the secrets of the Universe were accessible only to a limited number of scientists and astronauts. Nevertheless, the 21st-century world breaks these limits because VR enables everyone to undergo the first-person experience investigating outer space.

Join Space Explorers with VR

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is one of the most famous 3D films that invites viewers to join eight cosmonauts on missions aboard the International Space Station. These epic four-part immersive series were created for two years in order to provide users with unforgettable experiences within dangerous life in orbit.

Example of Success

Furthermore, VR technology is also used by astronauts on the International Space Station and NASA researchers to conduct scientific investigations in space, especially on the surface of Mars. Their experience proves that VR improved missions’ correctness in determining angles between specific Martian areas.

4. Digitalized Logistics and Warehouse Management

How the Use of VR/AR can Transform Logistics and Warehouse Management

Nowadays, specialists in terms of logistics and warehouse management are continuously looking for new ways to enhance their productivity. Thus, VR/AR appears to be one of the most appropriate technologies to bring current logistics to a new level.

Multiple Benefits

The utilization of VR/AR technology provides more inclusive control over warehouse processes, allowing companies to prevent freight loading, transportation confusions, and guarantee proper navigation around different departments

Example of Success

Despite the fact that VR/AR technology remains a relatively new concept to many companies, the current year looks like a promising period for further expansion of this modern-oriented technology. For instance, Amazon corporation has already developed the robotization of its warehouses because such large organizations are always searching for efficient ways of streamlining processes with minimized human intervention.

5. The New Era of Manufacturing


In general, the manufacturing industry is associated with a large number of employees responsible for different processes. For this reason, it is sometimes challenging for managers to handle such a wide variety of operations simultaneously, especially when it comes to training new staff. Although it is possible to introduce newcomers through written instructions or videos, most of them will probably develop skills directly on the job. Unfortunately, this learning curve typically takes place at the expense of other employees, clients, and, finally, the whole business itself.

Explore the Advantage

Virtual reality solves this problem by providing employees with the ability to train and retrain their skills whenever and wherever they need. VR training for manufacturers not only improves the cost, speed, and productivity of employees’ education but also provides them with real-world skills within the virtual experience.

Example of Success

At Smart Tek, we have also found the right solution – VR Training For Manufacturing! VR training simulator for manufacturers provides the most engaging, efficient, and experiential training, allowing manufacturing companies to advance employee performance, effectively train new workers, diminish costly errors, manage possible risks, and control emergencies.

In Conclusion…

VR/AR break stereotypes by showing that there is no sense in staying apart from emerging technologies. While most companies are looking for universal solutions for their business, those who adopted VR/AR technology already enjoy the multiple benefits these incredible innovations provide.

Let’s Immerse the World Together!

Are you still thinking about how to improve your business performance? We know the answer! Just drop us a line and become a part of successful enterprisers that use the properties of virtual and augmented reality. Once you use VR/AR, you will not be able to imagine your life without it anymore! So there is no time to hesitate, contact us and get a free consultation concerning your project.

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