To stand with Ukraine is standing with all civilized world. Read more how we mean it. Stand with us!

To stand with Ukraine is standing with all civilized world!

Would you ever believe that war and acts of terrorism will be committed in the center of Europe in the 21st century? Neither would we.  
Many politicians are talking about the equality, and many scientists draw our attention to ecology. Earth is clearly exhausting its resources and literally begging us to live more conscious and mindful lives. But some people (or one person) decide to live in the past and ignore modern circumstances, having intrusive thoughts to return previous power, territories, or unions. 
War affects everyone. It challenges you. The life changes forever. 
At the same time, the tech industry is breaking all patterns, borders, and limits. We land starship rockets, create microrobots that float on the wind, and make monkeys play ping pong telepathically with neurolink. And this path will never stop, so we will see more mind-breaking technological achievements. 
But it needs huge financial investments and a peaceful world outside laboratories, which is impossible in war conditions.

Ukraine is the IT Services Destination 


Despite the war in the country, let’s reflect on the IT industry in Ukraine. We have many gifted brains that are now protected and keep fighting for the Ukraine being IT forces as well as generating the profit. While engineering many clients’ products for the global market, many great initiatives were developed to digitalize the processes in Ukraine. Let’s list some of them: 

  • In 2020, developers from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched Ukraine governance called “Diia”. It allows our citizens to use digital documents and access over 50 governmental services.  
  • One of the Ministry’s goals is to increase the share of IT in the country’s GDP to 10%. 
  • They also want to provide 95% of transport infrastructure, settlements, and social facilities with high-speed Internet access. 
  • More cities join the E-ticket system for public transport via specific apps or QR codes in bank apps.  
  • The government promotes and supports business digitalization to make processes less dependent on human factors, optimize communication, and increase productivity. 

As a result, for the first time, Ukraine took part in the world’s largest IT conference in September, 2021. We have things to offer the world – digital services, innovative projects and a developed IT industry. 

As you can see, young IT ministers are highly interested in the digital development and transformation of Ukraine to approach European standards and make a worthy competition. Our government values IT talents who will develop our country after the war ends. 

How War Impacts Businesses? 

Business risks are ubiquitous, and they have never prevented anyone who really wanted to build something. Crisis like war makes businesses of all sizes reinvent their strategies and approaches because the world is watching them. Some big corporations just stop their businesses, while some of them close all enterprises immediately. 

Ukraine is not the only stricken country in the world. Israel has had the similar experience, but it is a high-tech country now. Every war is a crisis, and it teaches you to rely on yourself. 

“To an extent, Ukraine reminds me of Israel. There is an ongoing conflict in Israel, yet Israel is the startup nation. It’s a small country but has performed better in several areas than the US per capita,” said Wrobel

War experience has taught Israel to develop independently. And high-tech development is just a spin-off from that position. 

How soon will Ukrainian software developers start working? 

First of all, it depends on the location. Some cities are safer, while others are dangerous to stay in. For example, developers in safe cities did not stop working. On-delivery projects were continued, and the non-delivery team fought on the cyber front and volunteered and continue work as well. Currently, more and more people get back to their pre-war schedule and will be glad to work on new projects to support our country economically to recover as soon as possible. 

How will Smart Tek recover from the war? 

Smart Tek is a company with stable both operationally and financially. 

Our executives followed the political situation before the war began, so the financial impact was minimal. Every client stayed by us, and every employee was supported due to daily online meetings. The HR team managed refugees from hotter territories while admins told us how to protect PCs better.  

Businesses Will No Longer Work with Russian Companies 

We are sure that all know about multiple sanctions created against the Russian economy. Therefore, companies of all sizes start forming their response to the sanctions. Big international companies value their reputation and leave the Russian market to ‘save face’. Mid-size enterprises reassess their strategies to adapt to the new reality that condemns entry into a terroristic country. Similarly, the Ukrainian people will impose sanctions against any communication and connection with Russian enterprises for many years.  

Why Fortune 1000 Companies leave Russian and Belarusian markets? 

Being in its core the question of justice and reputation, it is also the question of revenue. For example, H&M has stopped their retail activity because, indeed, selling clothes in Russia has become work at a loss. They talk about safety and support, but we all understand how expensive material and shipping will become because of the sanctions. We bet losing your money is not your strategy, so the choice is obvious. 

Why Will Running Business in Russia (or Belarus) Be Your Worst Decision?  

If you want to support the global community and stand with all civilized world, the decision is obvious. Every dollar you pay to Russian employees goes to taxes and military equipment. So, you stop sponsoring the war if you stop outsourcing projects to Russia. Pretty simple math.  

We understand that sanctions and moral principles weigh much. Risks of inability of Russian and Belarusian residents to perform their work should be considered too. A lack of access to the development and management platforms will increase. 

How Smart Tek can help?

Smart Tek is ready to back you in the transmission process and cover your development needs in the minimum possible term. Many talented developers keep working with Ukrainian, European, American and other regions companies. And we can offer you to transfer to Smart Tek your complete or ongoing projects and development teams. For example, these projects are contracted through companies affiliated with aggressor countries but developers are not citizens or residents of those. Or you can transfer your projects to Smart Tek to be performed by Smart Tek developers in Ukraine or Poland. 

Smart Tek shares newly developed strategies and support measures against countries that break international order and launch into conflict. We will remain a socially responsible firm that worships peace and justice.  

Are You a Foreign Entrepreneur Who Wants to Help? Thank You and Check These Ways. 

Our main priority is the safety of the team. We volunteer, donate, join the territorial defense army, but, at the same time, we continue to do what we can do well – create IT solutions. We understand that generating profits and taxes is also a way to help Ukraine win. We believe everyone should work on their professional front. 

“But the reality is that for outsourcing operations, nothing has changed. The 2014 experience [when Russia annexed the Crimea Peninsula in southern Ukraine] taught us the need to plan and have agility, and Ukrainian contact centers subsequently dealt with Covid-19 and lockdowns much more ably than other parts of the world,” Iryna Venychko, CEO of Ukrainian Contact Center Association states

If you share our position and want to invest in the Ukrainian economy, you can choose from these ways: 

  1. The easiest way to support Ukraine for entrepreneurs is to hire engineers for the US or European software development projects. Especially now.  
  1. Another way you can bring your valuable support is to stop doing business with companies in Russia and Belarus. If these countries are not playing with the rules of the civilized world, it should be cut off. 
  1. You can help to promote the image of Ukrainian vendors and partnership with Ukrainian companies by sharing your own experience with your network.  
  1. You can support directly by donating to the needs of the army and charity here.  

Being beholders of war in our country, we see how people have united and have never been more willing to win and help our country prosper. When a crisis comes, every nation shows its face. And we showed how united, strong, and supportive Ukrainian people could be. Sure, we will need time to rebuild, but the Ukraine market will ultimately prosper. Most likely, companies will invest in us, following the lead of Elon Musk, who supplied us with Starlink. 

Ukraine will rise from the ashes, and you will benefit greatly from being involved in this.  

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