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Value of Custom Farm Software: Improve Competitiveness and Reduce Climate Impact

The world has a problem with growing nutritious food because it has a problem with managing the growing process. Thus, the main function of AgriTech software development is to help you plan, record, analyze, and optimize the work you and your employees do on the farm. A high-quality software like ERP gives an excellent overview of your entire farm to control every field sector. So, what are the benefits of agriculture software, and what does agricultural outsourcing has to do with it? 

The agriculture sector is both a contributor to climate change and could also be a solution to this environmental problem. One of the most addressed issues is software and data-driven agriculture. Best AgriTech developers spend days and nights taking the best of computer science and AI to help you capture data from the farm and control it effectively. No wonder the size of the farm management software and data analytics market worldwide from 2021 to 2026 is expected to grow with a CAGR of 17.47%

What is Agriculture Management Software?

AgriTech software development is a modern data-based solution to control systems processes, manage production, and control stock and inventory with a custom and convenient tool that records all crop and field indicators. It also adds efficiency value and enables you to predict things you cannot sense or measure. You can choose AgriTech app development or an extensive ERP or CRM system depending on the number of acres, employees, and orders you process. 

Benefits of AgriTech software development: 

  • Manage multiple lands and crops. 
  • Analyze crop, soil, water, weather, etc. 
  • Control crop cycle sowing and harvesting. 
  • Manage employees’ tasks and attendance. 
  • Fight diseases with healthy manure, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. 
  • Track inventories. 
  • Manage extra stock. 
  • Optimize utilization of resources. 
  • Control tools and machinery serviceability.  
  • Plan a budget and distribute salary. 
  • Create annual revenue of income and expense. 
  • Track product sale activity. 
  • Access order details. 
  • Analyze market. 
  • Control goods and employee transportation. 
  • Manage livestock. 
  • Track repair and depreciation of tools and machinery. 

Thus, when you implement ERP or CRM software from professional agriculture developers in your farm processes, you start getting considerable and positive changes in production management, inventory and stock management, distribution of stock, resource management, managing tools and machinery, finance management, sales management, and other faculties you possess. 

What Are the Types of Agricultural Software Developement?

Many farmers still use spreadsheets to manage customers, take orders, control staff, generate harvest tallies, and so on. However, it is a real sin to use simple Excel in the era of mind-breaking technologies. 

  1. There are universal (non-custom) software programs meant for farmers, but most of these applications use a percentage based on sales to charge the farmer. 
  1. If you think a whole system is too much for you, you can start with AgriTech iOS development or AgriTech Android development to supply yourself and your staff with an app that collects all data and simplifies their life. 
  1. We endorse one of the ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, PLM, or HCM applications to upgrade your farm if you’re looking for the best value proposition. Just choose the most suitable or favorite one:) 

And remember, there will be no perfect time to implement the software, but the climate changes and machinery costs increase daily. There are always available affordable options depending on your field size, so we highly recommend optimizing your farm performance. 

Why IT Outsourcing Services for Agriculture Industry Will Be Your Best Choice?

Firstly, you need sensors to collect data. 

One of the biggest challenges with deploying IoT systems in remote locations is the connectivity lack. Even though you manage to deploy sensors in a farm field, you want a way to get all that data to the cloud. And it is the first moment you realize you require agricultural outsourcing services or a dedicated team. For example, some of them will bridge that gap by using TV white spaces, which are unused TV spectrums that can travel long distances. 

Secondly, you need ERP to collect and analyze data. 

As soon as they adjust data transmission from your field to the cloud, you need a system that collects all metrics and transcribes them concisely and transparently. Indeed, a good farmer needs to know what’s going on above the soil and below it. The agricultural outsourcing team can supply you with a high-quality ERP or CRM system that collects all data from sensors and analyzes it. AI and computer vision techniques send drone images, merge all data streams, and create unbelievable farm views. 

Thirdly, you need to master and benefit from profitable software.  

Timely agricultural outsourcing can help you manage field by field in a much more granular approach, namely acre by acre. It saves a lot of time and costs by giving impeccable results to upgrade your farm. You would definitely appreciate solar and wind predictions to grow the best harvest. Even microclimate predictions could help solve crop or soil problems. 


You will have the driest and the wettest years on record. And the challenges will occur all the time in such a demanding sphere as agriculture, so you should utilize technology to overcome the issues as well as you can. You should better choose the agricultural outsourcing approach to send this extensive task to a team of professionals that saves time and cost at long last. They will implement custom ERP or CRM to track all metrics, analyze them, and clearly deliver to you.   

If you are still vague about whether your farm needs software and what benefits it could provide, contact us to get a free consultation and ensure it is high time to upgrade your farm with a team of qualified AgriTech developers. 

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