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Virtual House Tour with Descriptions for Guests

The process of renting a house is a rather meticulous work, which requires thinking through every detail for the comfort of your guest. Moreover, if you are new to short-term rentals it can be quite difficult to explain how to use appliances to guests thoroughly enough to avoid any additional questions. Often in such cases landlords will use printed manuals but this is not the best solution. Why? Let’s find this out in our new article.

Clarification Messages That Are Difficult to Avoid

A typical situation – you meet your Airbnb guests, take them inside, tell everything in detail, and show them how to properly control household appliances etc. While you are with your guests everything is clear, however as soon as you leave, your guests immediately have a bunch of questions.

How can you solve this problem? There are five options:

  1. Hire a person to delegate these activities to. It is quite expensive and only makes sense if you have several apartments for rent.
  2. Create a detailed manual. This can be helpful, however when people want to figure out things like how to turn on the oven they aren’t going to search through the manual. Moreover, creating a manual can be very time-consuming.
  3. Welcome email. A pretty useful tool, but emails can be marked as spam, lost among other emails, and simply overlooked.
  4. Stickers with instructions all around the apartment. These can work, yet it can be complicated to write user manuals on small pieces of paper. On top of that these stickers can be easily lost.
  5. Create a full 3D house navigation tour with detailed instructions (including videos) on how to use certain things, where the necessary items are, cover the rules of the house, etc. Everything is clear and easy to find, creating a much more enjoyable experience for your guest. The best part is that it’s much easier for you to make a virtual tour with your phone! You might be asking yourself, “how could that be?” Keep reading and we will break it all down for you.

How to Create 3D House Navigation Tours?

We have created an easy-to-use free Indoor AR Guide application that allows you to make a virtual tour of your home and place all the necessary tips and information for guests.

Powered by augmented reality, Indoor AR Guide helps both hosts and guests to save time and money by providing them with all necessary home information. Things like the location of home appliances, how-to-use instructions, hidden items, wi-fi passwords, contacts — anything your guest might need to know while staying in a rented house.

In just a couple of minutes with Indoor AR Guide you can create a 3D map of your property, add hotspots with useful information and share it with as many guests as you want. It is much quicker and easier than making manuals or sticking notes!

When guests arrive at your place they load the map and voilà – they get everything they need for a comfortable stay at your home. The app is easy to use and gives them a physical tour of the unit without the need for you to be there!

Moreover, you can use Indoor AR Guide with Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, or any other rental booking service. Just send the link to your guest along with a message.

Indoor AR Guide is about highlighting the small details that your guests will notice. It helps them feel good about renting your unit and to see how hard you work for them to have an enjoyable trip!

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