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What Is the Most Immersive VR Game? How About PRO VR Baseball?

Have you ever thought about how baseball stars feel during a big game? Now you can experience it without even leaving home. Just try Pro VR Baseball – a revolutionary virtual reality game, where you can play a real bat and even feel like a star on the stadium.

The main aim of Pro VR Baseball is to provide a very authentic visualization of a baseball stadium, where a user faces a pitcher on a life-size field. Visual effects, sounds, light – we worked out every detail to make the genuine game experience. Moreover, some more extraordinary features, which will provide you with a breathtaking experience. Let’s find out!

Full Immersion

Accurate batting is one of the basic skills needed for a good baseball player. The best way to become proficient in this skill is continuous practice But what if you don’t have time or ability to play baseball on the field? Then you can practice in your backyard. Just download PRO VR Baseball and enjoy the game.

Designed with ball physics in mind, PRO VR Baseball helps to train your batting skills. Besides, being in the virtual space in the middle of a crowded stadium will make you feel like a real baseball star.

Play with a Real Bat

How can you play baseball without a bat? To make our game fully realistic we found a way to bring a real bat into a virtual environment. After all, by holding a bat in your hands, you feel its weight, dimensions, and also have the opportunity to train the reflection of the ball. That’s why we developed the opportunity to play a virtual game with a real bat. However, you always have a choice, because you can also play Pro VR Baseball with standard VR controllers.

Technically, this can be realized through the use of VIVE Tracker, which is screwed into the handle of a baseball bat. This allows the game to recognize it, and visualize the bat in a virtual environment.

Great Experience for Your Clients

If you are the owner of a VR Room or simply involved in the entertainment industry with the help of immersion technology, then Pro VR Baseball is a great opportunity to surprise your customers. After all, by using a physical bat, your guests will be able to get a whole new kind of experience. However, if you do not want to use this function, you are free to use only controllers.

To Sum Up

Pro VR Baseball is a simulator that helps you both have fun and practice hitting the ball with a real bat. Turn on the app and feel like a baseball star!

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