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Software Outsourcing to Eastern European: Implement Innovations and Control Costs

Over the last 3 years, events happening worldwide made some serious shuffling in every industry, and the IT sphere was not left alone. Hopefully, many Eastern European developers and companies are still on track due to new strategies and methods of company promotion, team management, and development methods.  

IT spending worldwide totaled $3.9 trillion in 2021, and investments will increase because COVID-19 gave great momentum to mobile apps, AV/VR technologies, and outsourcing. Then the war started, but the market stabilizes again, and many companies choose Eastern Europe software development outsourcing (Ukraine particularly) to support and expand. Indeed, the IT industry is least damaged because of remote work optimization.  

Additionally, Eastern European developers are no longer attached to a specific office, and this freedom and variety of projects result in more motivation and hours per week. What has happened? 

  1. Remote work is new black, having broken a trust barrier and showed the model’s viability in the long term. 
  1. Rapid (and forced) digital transformation of companies, governments, and states to move processes online effectively. 
  1. It created an environment where cost optimization via outsourcing is now more accessible due to tools and a proper mindset. 

Therefore, if you’re wondering whether it’s a good time to outsource development to Eastern Europe, the answer is definitely YES. 

Who Is Already Playing the “IT Outsourcing Eastern Europe” Game? 

Big guys like Shopify, Google, and Amazon have started moving their development centers to Central and Eastern Europe, catching up with the new tendency of software outsourcing into Eastern Europe. Thus, more than 3K companies are located in this region, but over 70% are small companies with less than 50 employees. Moreover, almost a quarter of them are small entities with fewer than 10 people! 

And these numbers should be even higher, so next time you look for a dedicated team, choose a software outsourcing company from Eastern Europe. And enjoy cooperation with motivated people who promote innovations and creative solutions at a reasonable cost. 

Outsource Development Eastern Europe: Market Overview 

Market is fragmented. 

It’s not only about the number of employees since this fragmentation goes deeper. Many software developers in Eastern Europe specialize in specific industry verticals, providing fragmented expertise in precise technologies. 

For example, a company provides eCommerce services only to European rails or ERP services only to plastic plants. If you’re lucky to find a company or software developers in Eastern Europe who specialize in your industry, you get an expert team that knows all ins and outs.  

Technical expertise is strong. 

The talent pool of software developers from Eastern Europe is continually growing, and the number of IT courses barely satisfies the demand. The young population sees a great future in the digital market and invests in their innovation mindset, creativity, and energy. As a result, there are over 1 million tech experts in the CEE market. 

Culture is proximate.  

They use the same music and taxi services, watch the same series on Netflix, and their TikTok shows the same recommendations. It means that they feel your market and audience quicker and easier than, e.g., specialists from Asia. Moreover, they have a good command of English with understandable accents. It means you find common ground with any software outsourcing company in Eastern Europe. 

Where Is the Innovation in Eastern Europe? 

IT Outsourcing in Ukraine 

Despite the political situation, IT sphere is thriving and keeping the country afloat. It provides 200,000+ IT professionals on the market, and 60%+ of Ukrainian IT talent is outsourced. They are great in leading international business all over the world. Besides, 20,000+ graduates enter the market every year.  

Ukraine focuses greatly on digital transformation, e.g., the 1st in the world digital pass or a new educational project called IT Generation. Join Google, Huawei, and Samsung to make sure you enter this digital decade on time 🙂 

IT Outsourcing in Poland 

Poland is a great example of a country shifting from old Europe to one of Europe’s largest economies in merely three decades. The IT market covers 8% of the country’s GPD due to the excellent talent pool. Their specialists primarily work on international projects and adhere to EU standards. They know how to do business transparently and attract innovations.  

Uber, Amazon, WordPress, Microsoft, and Google have already expanded their market to this region, so don’t hesitate to do so.  

IT Outsourcing in Romania 

Romania is making a great pitch on outsourcing and offshoring its multilingual talents. As a result, the value of the Romanian IT sector is more than $7 billion. They support tech-oriented education, and 8,500+ students graduate every year from IT faculties. The country offers a favorable business environment and the newest technologies in web development, customer support, and fintech.  

Additionally, they promote the cost-competitiveness factor and political stability for global IT giants. Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and Amazon have already joined them. 


If you want to make wise investments and protect your company’s assets, do not hesitate to outsource development to Eastern Europe. The business environment is changing rapidly, but remote mode seems to remain with us forever. So, use this opportunity wisely and enjoy cooperation with European countries. We’ve named some of its representatives, but you can always go further and read reviews about Eastern Europe software development outsourcing to Cyprus or Italy, which are multiple on the web. 

If you’re ready to outsource your project to Ukraine, feel welcome to contact us for a free consultation. 

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