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4 Ways You Can Benefit from Odoo ERP at Your Manufacture

One of the most crucial things you can do before starting an ERP deployment is to select the best ERP software for your manufacture. The global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is forecast to grow by around 100.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. So, the competition is high. Finding the ERP system that works best for your particular firm might be confusing or even intimidating, given the hundreds of options available in the market.  

We have solid experience in Odoo ERP for manufacturing, so review our expert list of Odoo benefits for your organization.  

The methodology we used to choose ERP to work with is based on our customers’ experience with different systems and particularly Odoo for manufacturing. We considered overall functionality, system maturity, ease of integration, flexibility, customer adoption rate, and other criteria. We ended up with Odoo ERP for manufacturing needs, and we’d like to share Odoo’s peculiarities you as a customer can benefit from. 

Disclaimer: it is a broad list based on our expertise, but if you have any really particular requirements, you need to send them to us, and we’ll do our best to personalize manufacturing Odoo to your organization. 

What is Odoo?

Odoo for manufacturing is an open-source ERP system that started with small businesses but soon scaled for mid-size organizations. The reason for this growth is the general functionality and opportunities this software provides. However, it is complex to maintain on your own as a result. Therefore, to eliminate issues and adhere to deadlines and budgets, we propose collaborating with an advanced and experienced IT department. 

From our experience, we do not recommend manufacturing Odoo for large organizations since the software has to evolve more functionalities and capabilities. If you operate a small or mid-size organization, Odoo is the best choice for you due to its maximum flexibility and modularity. 

4 Benefits of Odoo Implementation for Manufacturing Business

Keep All Manufacture Data in One Place

To deal with the demand increase, sooner or later, every company starts thinking about one system that unites all departments and their database. Client observation shows that many companies still use up to 10 different apps to transform raw materials into a final product. It is expensive and time-consuming to maintain every solution. 

Therefore, optimizing your company with Odoo for manufacturing is a profitable choice to: 

  • Integrate all processes into one modern, user-friendly, and affordable solution. 
  • Create and manage orders with all their components on one tab. 
  • Avoid papers and make all decisions on convenient tablets. 
  • Plan the product manufacturing and availability. 
  • Easily sort and distribute information through the desk between sections like Sales, CRM, Timesheets, Social Marketing, Calendar, Invoicing, Time Off, and more. 
  • Take your manufacturing to a new proficiency level. 

Manufacturing is always about multiple product ingredients and complex production processes. However, you can ratio everything within one manufacturing Odoo system to eliminate manual processes and human factors. 

Manage Client Relationship Management (CRM)

If you choose Odoo implementation for manufacturing business, you no longer act intuitively in the competitive business landscape. Customer loyalty is the thing that needs to be planned, invested in, and always prioritized. Collecting and overviewing client data helps to understand them, their behavior, their needs, etc. Consequently, the sales team can create productive strategies for both current customers and potential leads. 

Benefits of CRM: 

  • Collects and analyzes customer preferences and demands. 
  • Improves seller-customer communication. 
  • Ensures data privacy and security. 
  • Arranges better customer retention. 
  • Displays clear data on easy-to-manage dashboards. 

We always recommend our clients invest in resources that provide simplified collaboration, improve reporting, and create more proactive service. 

Plan Workforce Proactively

In one of the previous benefits, we’ve mentioned such a section as ‘Timesheets’ and want to cover it more in detail. Having a strategy in workforce planning helps to avoid labor shortages and gaps. Even though many employees fear such words as time-tracking, scheduling their work is a sustainable approach. They need to understand that it doesn’t mean they will be punished for any omission. Otherwise, e.g., automated reporting tools speed up invoicing. 

As for managers, timesheets provide benefits like: 

  • Monitoring attendance. 
  • Distributing workforce over manufacture. 
  • Analyzing each team’s performance. 
  • Adhering to deadlines. 
  • Forecasting activities. 
  • Anticipating hiring needs. 

Timesheets are about monitoring and decreasing extra communication to free up time for more meaningful tasks than checking if everyone is present. Scanning badge ID is doing this task faster 🙂 

Answer Key Questions for Managers

Manufacturing Odoo helps to control and improve your business workflow by answering questions like: 

  • How much does it cost to produce items A, B, or C? 
  • What are my margins on the finished goods? 
  • Are there bottlenecks in operations within my system? 
  • How much can I produce/What is the capacity of my manufacture? 
  • Can I analyze this data to be able to produce more profitably? 

Odoo for manufacturing answers these questions by providing better tools to manage your manufacturing operations.  


When choosing a suitable ERP for your company, you commonly look at different criteria like solution scalability, product maturity, total ownership cost, the ability to handle complex supply chains, and other automation capabilities. And we guess that you want to choose the best fitting ERP without many failures and zero tries. As an independent service, we’ve reviewed different software and chose Odoo for manufacturing for small and mid-size companies we work with.  

If you are attracted to the Odoo benefits listed above, make sure to contact us and see the personalized solutions you can get from this software.

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