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Why VR/AR Solutions Should Be a Part of Your Successful Dental Practice

Each person has at least once visited a dentist because medical assistance is an inseparable part of our life. This experience is often associated with painful and unpleasant feelings. Fortunately, modern technologies can change this outdated stereotype along with improving healthcare workers’ skills in order to provide patients with comfortable and qualitative service. Do you want to know how? Read on to explore how virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) help both healthcare professionals and their patients in the field of dentistry.

VR as a Pain Reliever

A good dental clinic always tries to make the patient’s visit as pleasant as possible. However, dental treatment usually causes discomfort to the patient. How to reduce such adverse effects without using anesthesia? The best solution is a VR application that can relax your patients during painful procedures. With virtual headsets, dentists can transport patients to an artificial environment to help them cope with the fear of the treatment or any painful feelings. For instance, you can show meditation-videos, educational tutorials about oral care, or stories about your hospital that will be interesting and useful to patients. In addition to this, these videos also may be used as a powerful marketing tool to promote your service.

VR Training Simulators

Training remains one of the most crucial parts of medical practice. Without the ability to train their skills, dentists cannot provide their clients with appropriate help. Thanks to the immersion into virtual reality, healthcare workers can effectively boost their training retention and performance. Hence, VR training simulators help to make training cost-effective as well as educate doctors in a safe environment. Let’s describe the benefits of a medical VR training simulator for dentists. For example, hyper-realistic 3D images allow dentists to gain experience within the real life environment. Though the development of a VR training simulator can take from one week up to several months, depending on the complexity of the project, this incredible technology is undoubtedly worth waiting for. That is because it may save your time and resources in the future by providing you with the ability to train and retrain employees within a safe and standardized virtual environment whenever and wherever you want.

VR/AR as a Platform for Interactive Learning

Nearly every situation that may happen in real medical practice, including emergencies, can be recreated in a virtual environment. While real-life experiences do not give a chance to make a mistake, safe and interactive VR/AR applications allow dentists to interact with equipment and patients, learn and sharpen their working methods and skills. At the same time, these interactive practices do not require any additional resources because healthcare workers only need a VR headset and software. With this reasonably inexpensive device, they can undergo any experience, work with any equipment, and do it without being tied to any place. Nowadays, virtual reality technologies are unavoidably replacing standard simulation labs.

How VR/AR Technology Can Revolutionize Dental Surgery

Surgery is considered one of the most critical therapeutic procedures, but simultaneously it is the most complicated medical practice. Needless to say, surgery also requires mastery and specific skills that can be gained only due to real training. Nevertheless, VR/AR technology makes it more accessible. VR technology allows students and healthcare practitioners to watch dental surgery lessons as direct participants in the procedure. What is more, they can not only follow the prepared scenario of the operation but also try to reproduce it individually, in pairs, or under the guidance of a professional. Virtual reality allows you to connect to the training an unlimited number of trainees. Furthermore, VR is a perfect solution to prepare for complex surgery that can be performed in advance in a safe virtual environment. This method helps to minimize any risks during future real-life operations. Finally, AR also plays an essential role in revolutionizing dental surgery. That is because modern AR applications can be used for both the learning process and actual treatment as trustworthy and representative guidance.

Ability to Shape the Future Result

In the 21st-century world, our appearance is an essential indicator of our personality. That is why many people search for different ways to improve their physical shape, and a perfect smile is one of the most effective ways to make your appearance more attractive. However, sometimes patients are afraid concerning the future result of dental procedures. In dentistry, namely in prosthetics, the accuracy of the final result plays an imperative role but developing a model of a patient’s future smile requires skills and special equipment. Generally, it needs about 3 – 4 months after the dental prosthetic treatment until the wound heals to install dentures. Still, without modeling the future result at the initial stage, there is a high probability of dentist error, which leads to occlusion dysfunction. The best solution is the pre-surgical plan, which you can create by using AR and VR technologies. These apps help you adjust and design the implant’s precise placement. Speaking directly about the patients’ expectations, this technology also allows informing patients concerning all possible aspects of their future perfect smile by showing them a visual imitation of their face, mouth, and teeth.

Summing Up

There is no doubt that VR/AR solutions for dentistry represent a brand-new and cost-effective approach to modern medicine. Thousands of healthcare workers already implement VR/AR for planning, training, treatments, and pain management in dentistry. Hence, this progressive technology creates an innovative path for future research and development in terms of this medical area. The only limitation is your readiness and desire to join the cohort of future-oriented professionals. Do you want to enhance your business with the endless opportunities of VR/AR technology? We know how to transform this desire into reality! Contact us now, and let’s develop your enterprise together!

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