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Custom Software Development for Healthcare Industry: Leveraging Technologies to Empower Medicine

Being one of the most in-demand industries, the healthcare sector implements more and more innovations to improve care delivery practices. While healthcare practitioners always strive to build reliable doctor-patient interactions, we help them achieve this goal with tech solutions.

There is no doubt that healthcare organizations can significantly improve their institutions through software development for healthcare. With the boosting power of digital solutions, it is possible to enhance treatment practices, health tracking and monitoring capabilities as well as offer new, more modernized services. Does that sound interesting to you?

Then you need a trusted custom healthcare software development company to satisfy your requirements and leverage top-notch tech solutions that will dramatically transform the way you deliver care to patients. Given the paramount importance of society’s well-being, Smart Tek is always eager to provide healthcare with IT solutions in regard to current challenges and emerging problems. Just write to us, and don’t miss your chance to make the first step towards the digital transformation of the healthcare industry!

Current Healthcare Challenges

Poor Data Management

With such a tremendous amount of crucial information, healthcare organizations often face problems managing the surge of medical data efficiently with the necessary certainty and quality.


Over the past 5 years alone, taking the recurrence and abundance of data breaches into account, the inability to preserve confidential patient data appears to be a substantial challenge for the healthcare industry.

Increased Storage

3D images, AI, Big Data – all of these innovations lead to the explosion of storage and processing needs. Thus, to provide the right speed of access required for patient care, healthcare facilities should move their data to lower-cost platforms in an automated manner.

New Means of Healthcare Delivery

The ongoing growth of non-traditional healthcare delivery methods, such as telehealth, signifies the need to create a high-speed network between facilities.

The Lack of Remote Access

Although remote communication has already become a common thing for the 21st-century world, there are not enough healthcare web and mobile applications that offer high-quality virtual assistance and consultations.

Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

Without the social networking apps designed exclusively for healthcare workers, most physicians often face difficulties while communicating with their colleagues.

After all, how could these healthcare challenges be solved?
Read on and discover cutting-edge software solutions tailored to diverse healthcare needs!

Custom Software
Solutions for Healthcare

Custom Telemedicine & Telehealth Solutions

Telemedicine Applications

With secure and scalable cross-platform telemedicine apps, it is possible to serve your vast healthcare needs by improving patient engagement and enhancing your communication efforts.

Cloud-Based Telemedicine Software

Virtual support, consultation notes, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and much more – such a broad scope of custom cloud-based telehealth software features undoubtedly benefits healthcare organizations of any type and specialization.

Telemedicine Integrations

While most healthcare providers are still looking for ways to improve clinical workflows, integrating telehealth into the EHR system is an excellent solution to this issue.

Telehealth Security

Thanks to our vast knowledge and long-term experience in terms of data protection, we can equip your telemedicine app with a high level of security.

VR/AR Implementation

AR/VR for Pharmaceutics

By using VR/AR representations, pharmaceutical companies can more effectively demonstrate the composition and impact of their products.

AR-Based Navigation

With AR navigation apps, physicians can indicate medical tools like defibrillators faster as well as better navigate through the hospital.

Virtual Training Platforms

Training undoubtedly appears to be an inseparable part of the medical learning process. That is why virtual training simulators allow doctors to train in a safe environment.

Virtual Simulations & Visualizations

Life-like 3D visualizations enable physicians to get a deeper understanding of human anatomy, whereas patients can better explain their symptoms.

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

EHR/EMR Software Development

With robust and well-designed EHR/EMR software, healthcare providers can effectively manage patient medical records as well as implement clinical workflows automation.

EHR/EMR App Development

Cross-platform EHR/EMR apps benefit both physicians and patients by allowing them to seamlessly work with healthcare information, track health data, etc.

EHR/EMR Implementation

From the in-depth analysis of your current workflow to the information volume estimation, our experts pay attention to each step of EHR/EMR implementation to transform all data into digital form without any injuries.

EHR/EMR Integration

This service provides seamless transfer of crucial patient data, including demographics, medical history, medications, allergies, lab results, etc., from one electronic system to another.

Pharmacy Management Software Solutions

Pharmacy Software Development

By implementing cutting-edge software solutions, pharmaceutical organizations can improve patient care by simplifying daily practices with innovations that include custom workflows, full prescription refills, utterly integrated payment processing, and well-established communication.

Pharmacy Automation

The mechanization of processes, such as medication dispensing, packaging, labeling, etc., helps pharmaceutical organizations streamline the workflow, decrease the risk of errors, and improve direct patient-care practices.

Pharmacy Data Management Solutions

Hospital management software services include designing a viewing tool that keeps all your legacy information in a searchable archive with the ability to perform analytics.

E-Prescribing Pharmacy Software

Leveraging electronic prescribing within your pharmacy organization can help you save time and resources while guaranteeing that your customers receive the medications they require.

Digital Patient Experience

Consumer Health Applications

Due to software synchronized with sensors, health-tracking wearables, and medical devices, healthcare facilities can significantly improve their approaches to remote patient monitoring.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

With custom healthcare CRM, your organization can implement top-notch patient management processes and keep clients’ data up-to-date.

Patient Portals

Custom software development for healthcare includes building patient portals that help connect patients and care providers conveniently and efficiently.

Patient Engagement Software

Implementing patient engagement software will help you bring patient communication to an entirely new level, as well as provide patients and clients the opportunity to reach their healthcare providers whenever and wherever they need to.

Why You Should Choose Our Customized
Healthcare Software Development Services

Enhanced Risk Management
Client-Focused Approach
Compliance with Healthcare Standards and Policies
Custom Software Solutions Adjusted to any Healthcare Needs
Assured Growth & Innovation
Remote Dedicated Teams for Your Projects
The Blend of Expertise and Creativity
Long-Term Experience in Software Development for Healthcare
Best-in-Class Custom Healthcare Software Development Company


What is healthcare system software?

In a nutshell, the term “software” for the healthcare industry refers to solutions developed for medical training, diagnosis, database storage, research, and hospital management, etc. Simply put, healthcare software can be described as any software that meets the requirements of the healthcare industry.

Why is software essential in the healthcare industry?

If your healthcare organization doesn’t pay enough attention to innovations in medical practice, it undoubtedly risks failing behind the modern competition. At the same time, software solutions for the healthcare industry provide a better experience for patients. Another critical fact to remember is that the implementation of healthcare software significantly improves management, scheduling, and care delivering practices.

What is new in healthcare technology?

In 2021, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Telemedicine, and Blockchain are among the most promising health technologies. However, it is essential to note that as these technologies are continuously evolving, trends in the healthcare industry also change at a rapid pace.

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