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Building a Better Future with
Real Estate Software

A modern, fast-paced business environment motivates companies to search for new, more efficient ways of connection, work organization, and product delivery. This is particularly relevant for real estate, an industry that belongs to one of the most important sectors of the American economy, as well as global.

How is it possible to bring more value to this industry? Real estate software plays a pivotal role by delivering data-driven solutions for both real estate software providers and owners of commercial properties.

Our real estate software development company leverages the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and data science to help companies optimize workflow, gain tech-driven competitive advantage, and achieve higher operational efficiency.

Current Real Estate Challenges

Coordination and Communication Barriers

Without a doubt, proper communication and assistance can significantly improve customers’ experience. Nevertheless, it may be hard to organize well-established feedback without interactive websites or apps.

Property Viewing Issues

While property viewing is usually time-consuming for potential buyers, modern technologies can help overcome this issue thanks to virtual tours.

Lack of Data Management Tools

Poor data management not only slows down the functioning pace of real estate facilities but may also lead to data breaches.

Growing Online Competition

As more and more businesses are entering the online competition, real estate providers require one-of-a-kind web solutions to stay afloat.

Forecasting Errors

Without efficient CRM tools, companies cannot precisely analyze the target market, thereby facing problems with future demand forecasts.

Adaptation to Technology Trends

Modern technologies continually evolve so that companies that utilize tech trends have more value for potential clients.

Custom Software
Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Real Estate CRM Software

Follow-Ups and Reminders

Whether you want to follow up with potential clients or send reminders to the existing buyers, realtor CRM software guarantees that no contact goes ignored.

Seller and Buyer Data Management

Contacts’ details, activity, and communication – you can automatically input all this data with CRM software for real estate agents.

Reporting and Analytics

Real estate CRM software not only helps track potential buyers but also makes lead qualification easier due to vast reporting and analytics capabilities.

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation features, real estate agencies can streamline their marketing activities, thereby boosting customer engagement and running campaigns more effectively.

Property Rental Management Software Solutions

Residential Property Management

We create top-notch software for property managers to help them simplify their residential property management processes. We allow users to track rental arrangements, handle complex tasks, and collect financial data quickly and seamlessly.

Tenant Management Software

Easy accounting, comprehensive reports, applicant screening modules, and fast online requests – all these features are integrated in tenant onboarding & management software.

Commercial Property Management Software

Our commercial property management software solutions include functionality that helps maximize revenue, establish real-time communication, and rent property within a shorter time thanks to renting processes optimization.

Cloud-based Real Estate Management Software

While renting a property requires a substantial amount of clients’ private information, it’s essential to ensure that this data is stored securely, and our cloud-based real estate management software perfectly copes with this requirement.

Real Estate Investment Software Solutions

Investor Reporting

Up-to-date online reports generated by data aggregation services can provide investors with actual information without delay.

Fund Management

Handle the complex fund structures with real estate investment software that helps brokers effectively estimate risks, assess fund performance and automate reports for their investors.

Data Management

Are you looking for an alternative to standard data input and document aggregation? Then a real estate data management solution is the best choice for mapping the data to build a timely, consistent, and accurate data set.

Debt Management

Debt Management software expands your accounting platform to enable real estate facilities to handle all their debt information effectively.

Real Estate IDX Technology Integration Solutions

IDX Integration Services

IDX integration allows real estate agents to facilitate lead capture more effectively as well as to improve CRMs, and increase email engagement.

IDX Design

Thanks to state-of-the-art design development and customization, IDX designs help boost lead generation.

IDX Website Integration

With optimized IDX content, your website’s SEO will undoubtedly rank higher, while detailed customer tracking and monitoring capabilities will benefit your overall website performance.

IDX Listing and Search Management Software

Implement a handy map search for customers, capture leads with email alerts, and optimize your search engine reporting with IDX listing management and search software.

VR/AR Solutions for Real Estate

VR Tours

Life-like VR tours enable brokers to showcase properties before they’re even built, allowing more options to attract more potential buyers.

Virtual Staging

Let your customers see how preferred decor or diverse pieces of furniture will look inside their house.

Augmented Advertising

Enhance your printed media, such as catalogs or brochures, with a new digital dimension thanks to interactive elements of augmented reality (videos, 3D models, and housing layouts).

360-Degree Videos

Impress your customers with fantastic 360-degree videos based on 3D models, artificial environments, and life-like animations.

Why You Should Choose Our Tailor-Made
Real Estate Software Development Services

Solutions that Streamline Your Real Estate Processes
Client-Focused Approach
Skilled Tech Experts
Custom Software Solutions Adjusted to any Real Estate Needs
Assured Growth & Innovation
Offshore Dedicated Teams for Your Projects
The Blend of Expertise and Creativity
Long-Term Experience in Software Development for Real Estate
Best-in-Class Custom Real-Estate Software Development Company


Who is real estate software development suitable for?

Real estate software solutions are suitable for all real estate professionals looking for a digital tool to help them manage their business, obtain more leads, secure more deals, and popularize their services.

What is real estate CRM software?

Real estate CRM software helps real estate companies to identify, handle, and track their customers’ interactions within a single system. It provides broad functionality, including referral management, various listing services, custom workflows, real estate transaction management software, integration to MLS services, and communication templates ideal for the real estate sector.

What are the top 10 real estate CRM software?
  • BoomTown
  • kvCORE
  • Contactually by Compass
  • Brivity
  • Market Leader
  • CINC
  • Placester
  • myKW eEdge
  • ReferralMaker
  • Zurple

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