Mixed Reality Darts App

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Mixed Reality Darts App

The product is designed to provide an enjoyable visual experience to Microsoft HoloLens users.

About Project

Mixed Reality Darts Application has been created by the AVRspot team as a showcase solution to demonstrate our expertise in the domain of augmented and mixed reality. The product is designed to provide an enjoyable visual experience to Microsoft HoloLens users.

As it was the first time AVRspot have worked with mixed reality and Microsoft HoloLens, and one of our main objectives was to explore new technology horizons and all gimmicks of MR development process to ensure that we will deliver the best services in the future.

Granted a power of Microsoft holographic device, our highly experienced developers, and 3D artists have managed to create a striking product that would introduce HoloLens users to an exciting mixed reality game, eliminating the need for equipment or physical presence of players in particular place.

Mixed reality creates an immersive experience which is the competitive advantage of various brands. Beside analyzing MR’s technical side, AVRspot have discovered its market potential and which industries might benefit the most from mixed reality.  

Mixed Reality Darts Application was a test project to help AVRspot enter new emerging markets of custom mixed reality development and demonstrate our skills and expertise.


AVRspot have developed an application that could be an engaging contest for darts professionals as well as a casual game for amateurs and, at the same time, reflect the potential of mixed reality in various industries. We are convinced that augmented and mixed reality continuously changes the business landscape, and many market leaders are ready to take advantage of it.

The app has been accurately developed according to the rules of darts. Yet, with HoloLence app it is possible to diversify the game by adding special effects such as fireworks if the user wins.

A combination of HoloLens and Unity allowed us to achieve flawless gaze and gesture recognition. HoloLens Darts Application allows the app to determine where the user’s attention is, target gestures based on the user’s gaze, let the user select, activate, grab or scroll their holograms. It also enables users to place holograms on real-world surfaces, by crossing their looking ray with the spatial mapping mesh.


After a complex development stage and internal testing, Smart Tek  has delivered a reliable product that could match all the initial goals it had to achieve. Going through the development stages our team have gained a new technology expertise, updated our knowledge base, and trained our developers.

We obtained several new clients for augmented and virtual reality projects, as we had broadened our expertise. We studied the mixed reality market potential and are ready to create an effective marketing strategy for this business direction.


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