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Our Team
is Our Pride!

We know that a dedicated team is a key element of each successful project. That is why our continued success depends on every employee, from the back-end to the front office. With our experience and commitment to high standards, we continually transform our goals into substantial achievements.

Our team of experts is considered one of the primary reasons our customers choose and recommend SmartTek. We appreciate such trust, so we will continue to promote this positive tendency in the future.

Smart Tek team consists of 100+ passionate, motivated, and talented individuals who demonstrate the highest level of expertise required to turn your ideas into sophisticated software products. We support our clients at every step of the project development to improve our customer value proposition.

How Can Smart Tek Family
Be Described in 5 Idioms?

Practice Makes Perfect

Knowledge comes with experience, while experience comes with practice. We are not afraid of mistakes, challenges, or complex tasks. We believe each of our projects is an opportunity to self-improve for both our company as a whole and each worker itself. We recognize that our long-term practice and efforts yield great results.

Recharging Our Batteries

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Those who work well should rest well. We appreciate work-life balance, so our work parties are always loud and always memorable. We like to believe our employees have fun spending time together. With such a wide variety of talented employees there is no chance to be bored. Good rest motivates us to be more productive, motivated, and enthusiastic in our work. All in all, after each “Party Friday” comes “WorkMonday”, right?)

All Walks of Life

At Smart Tek, each personality matters. That is why our team is built from a wide range of different people with their own unique life experiences, hobbies, preferences, and skills. We treat everyone with respect. We’ve gathered talents from various areas, ranging from analytics to software development, to transform their expertise into robust I.T. solutions for your business.

Touching Base With Each Other

Well-established communication and cooperation is the key to success. Just trust us, we know what it means based on our experience. Only with proper communication between managers and employees and effective cooperation between different departments, it’s possible to achieve success. And we undoubtedly succeed in it!

A Bright Future Ahead

Future-oriented approach – yes, that’s definitely about our team! By working on our self-improvements today, we expand our opportunities tomorrow. After all, talented people are an engine of progress! So Smart Tek undoubtedly has an extremely powerful engine for continuous development 🙂

Our Team Members

Andrew Linskyi
Chief of PMO and Director of Operations
Yuriy Nayda
Managing Partner and CTO
Ivan Nordgaimer
Managing Partner and CBDO
Andrii Sydoruk
Managing partner and СМО

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