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AVRspot has become SmartTek. More info here.


What we do

VR, AR and MR solutions for your business

Virtual Reality

Cost-effective virtual reality solutions for numerous industries such as Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Applications that allow your customers to interact with your products or services from anywhere in the world.

3D Modelling

Full-fledged 3D models of any objects, regardless of their size or complexity to help your customers get an immersive view of the product.

Virtual Reality

SmartTek team delivers VR solutions and services including a wide variety of business applications for any VR headsets, platforms, and devices, such as: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Windows MR Headsets, Pico, Valve Index.
For four years, our team have been making solutions with proven results in the following areas:
  • Hospitality;
  • Healthcare;
  • Education;
  • Real Estate;
  • Manufacturing.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

SmartTek team is experienced in developing sales promotion applications:
  • AR for healthcare;
  • AR for education;
  • AR for manufacturing;
  • AR for construction;
  • AR for trade;
  • AR for tourism.

3D Modelling

Our 3D modeling team creates a wide range of 3D content including:

  • Engineering object models;
  • Medical devices models & human organ models;
  • Animal models;
  • Accessories models;   
  • Game equipment models;
  • Food models.

How can we help you?

Whether you have questions about VR/AR solutions, our services and prices, we’re always happy to answer them.