AR Hand Tracking Jewelry Try-On Solution

Executive summary

About project

AR Hand Tracking Application is an efficient solution that allows your customers to buy jewelry through an interactive AR or MR interface. As a result, buyers get the required service and guidance when picking up a ring without visiting the store.

Business challenge

Choosing jewelry in an online store may be challenging for buyers as there’s no ability to try on a ring and see how it looks on them. Fortunately, augmented reality is a unique technology that easily solves this issue. Thanks to our Augmented Reality Hand Tracking App, online customers can move their hands in real-time while observing how the jewelry looks on their fingers through the screen of their smartphones.

Smart Tek approach

The application is oriented at a great variety of end-users, so the interface is easy and intuitive. Thus, none of the clients would need special training to use it. We managed to create highly realistic 3D models of the jewelry, allowing buyers to see the smallest details of rings like in a real store. Along with purchasing exclusive jewelry, customers can scan their hands to identify a piece that suits them best.

For this project, we adopted jewelry modeling, UI, computer vision implementation, testing, as well as OpenCV and blop algorithms.

Value delivered

Smart Tek experts designed & created a unique application for Android and iOS platforms that allows users to wear and buy desired jewelry virtually. Our Hand Tracking AR Application not only offers delightful and immersive experiences for buyers but also enables them to see whether jewelry looks great on their hands, allowing each customer to make the right choice.



AR Hand Tracking Application allows choosing and purchasing jewelry online in a smart and convenient way without actually visiting the store.



eCommerce, Retail

AR Hand Tracking Application

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