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Augmented Reality Jaguar Car Showroom

Executive summary

About Project

AR Jaguar Car Showroom is an augmented reality app for iOS and Android platforms that recreates the lifelike experience of examining a real-sized luxury vehicle in any location, providing users a unique chance to check out the desired car without visiting a salon. Polygon CGI.

Developed as a showcase solution, it allows car brands to demonstrate vehicles to their clients worldwide. AR Jaguar app was created by Smart Tek and Polygon CGI.

Business challenge

AR Jaguar Car Showroom provides a highly realistic visualization of the luxury vehicle, bringing the automotive showroom on a platter to the customer. The virtual experience resembles the real-life situation — users are able to rotate, move, enter inside and even divide it into parts. By entering inside, potential car owners would see if the car they planned to buy would be convenient to drive.

Clients can use iOS or Android devices and hold them in front of an area they want to see a vehicle in. By picking a location, customers will be able to place a car and look inside.

Smart Tek approach

Our team created a Jaguar car model that can be viewed in real space through your smartphone. As soon as the 3D model of the car had been ready, AVRspot proceeded with Unreal Engine development and configuration. Afterward, we added mobile touches as well as a menu.

Next, we implemented AR mode with ARkit and ARcore, so that users could use the app in augmented reality. We also enabled car movement, which works by emitting rays and detecting a distance from a surface to tires.

Later we proceeded with the customization and implemented systems that change rims and allow changing car color by switching options. By clicking on ‘switch separating,’ users can see car details.

Value delivered

Our highly experienced developers and 3D artists have managed to create an astonishing product that puts an unforgettable AR experience right at user’s fingertips (and straight onto their mobile devices) and eliminates the need of the physical presence of a person in a real car.


Scope of Service

App design; Architecture development; Quality Assurance.


Technologies used

Unreal ENgine, ARkit, ARcore

Benefits of Augmented Reality Jaguar Car Showroom

  • Provides strong values in marketing
  • Customers can observe hyper-realistic car models
  • The possibility to place car models anywhere, at any time
  • Opportunity to “walk” near a car as if in reality and look inside remotely.

See How It Looks Like in Action

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