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Bakery App

Executive summary

About our client

Der Echte Gaus is a Germany-based business that produces bakery products. Interestingly, Der Echte Gaus uses a unique old-fashioned approach to baking, which makes this bakery stand out among the competitors.

In Jochen Gaues’ bakery, there is a simple principle: baking is done the traditional way. Pre-made dough mixtures and additives, so-called baking agents, have no place here. The dough is mainly processed by hand. Gaues only uses machines for weighing and kneading.

Business challenge

  • There is no doubt that such an extraordinary company requires a specific approach. That’s why our client seeks for a creative solution to promote and sell their products online.
  • Hence, the main challenge was to create a top-notch solution from scratch while meeting all customer’s requirements.

SmarTek approach

  • Our team of developers set up WordPress and all the necessary Plugins.
  • We also developed custom Plugins, extended the WP Standard Plugins.
  • Smart Tek implemented the logic of B2C/B2B prices and developed the features for tracking delivery drivers (based on their GPS).
  • Our experts created wireframes and designs of 2 Mobile Apps – one for Clients, one for Delivery Drivers.
  • We developed 2 React Native Mobile Apps and published one on the App Store.

Value delivered

  • As we created this project from scratch, we also managed to set up DB, WordPress CMS for the back-end, and React Native App for Frontend.
  • Therefore, Smart Tek helped to improve the logic of some business processes.
  • With the needs of the sales manager and accountant of the Bakery in mind, we created attractive designs and easy-to-use functionalities.


Time of development

8 months


Technologies used

HTML/CSS/JS, React Native, WordPress

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