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Executive summary

About our client

KidWind is a USA based company that has been teaching the world about renewable energy for the last 15 years. KidWind products help teachers and students creatively explore the science and technology of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy.

Guided by an award winning curriculum and using lab equipment, software, and investigations, students can explore engineering concepts and quantify energy production of small wind turbines and solar panels.

Business challenge

KidWind needed to expand its functionality development and implement new solutions to the site for the National Challenge – KidWind’s flagship renewable energy design and construction student competition. The company was looking for a strategic tech partner who could build a team of dedicated software engineers experienced in developing solutions and high load systems. Together, we developed a solution that helps our client to conduct a challenge.

Smart Tek approach

Smart Tek team aimed to help KidWind speed up the software development process and build new functionality on the website leveraging the latest technologies. To achieve the goals, such technologies have been used: NuxtJS, Python, Flask Framework, MongoDB, AirTables API, Google API, Stripe, Google APP Engine, Webpack, Mapbox GL JS.

Value delivered

KidWind and Smart Tek experts collaboration resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Designed and developed functionalities intended to enable users to upload or change their password protected data without logging—information, images, notes etc;
  • The updated site also includes functionality for Judges to view specific team data and evaluate them;
  • All data is now gathered and demonstrated via Airtable – a relational database and online collaboration tool used to manage work, track and organize inventories, plan an event, and much more. Synchronization between Airtable and the website in real time has been added as well. This update helped simplify team collaboration and information management.


Time of development

4 months


Technologies used

Mapbox GL JS, Google APP Engine, Webpack, Stripe, Nuxt.js, Python Flask Framework, MongoDB, AirTables API, Google API

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