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Executive summary

About our client

Evakare is a well-known manufacturer that specializes in creating stylish and affordable products carefully designed to help people manage their daily lives safely & independently.

The client’s goal was to adopt a system capable of maintaining business processes under one roof. Another goal was to ensure that the team would be well-trained and ready to use the new system to run daily operations.

Business challenge

The business challenge was to find a system that is capable of maintaining all activities related to supply chain management. Such activities include:

  • Purchasing products from vendors.
  • Generating sales orders and invoices for customers.
  • Handling foreign currencies.
  • Customer database management.
    Managing price lists.

Due to the time difference, the challenge for us was to make sure that we could deliver the functionality in time because such a process requires a lot of daily communication between different stakeholders.

Smart Tek approach

  • Smart Tek’s approach was to split the project into a few phases: business analysis, implementation, quality control, delivery, and training for team members.
  • We had to create a project for 5 companies under one roof.
  • We communicated and documented all customer requirements. Once the main BA artifacts were ready, we created a backlog of tasks. Then we prioritized them and started the development phase.
  • We constantly communicated with the client via Slack to make sure that everyone stayed in the loop of the project progress.
  • Once the development phase was completed, we trained the key users of the new system to make sure that everyone gets a good user experience by using the new ERP system.

Value delivered

  • The main value is that SmarTek delivered one system capable of maintaining all client’s pain points identified during the BA phase.
  • Such a system allows employees to spend less time on their daily job, reduces the number of human errors, and as a result, it improves business metrics as well.


Time of development



Technologies used

Odoo (Version 13)

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