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Plastic Powder Coating

Executive summary

About our client

Plastic Powder Coating (PPC) is a Dubai-based company with more than 40 years of successful experience in delivering specialized products for anti-corrosion to international clients. Being one of the best companies in the niche market, PPC have proven their expertise in the art of anti-corrosion, which makes them specialists in the most complex & unique items.

Business challenge

How can the company benefit from global digitalization? What processes can be enhanced by IT solutions? Which partner to select? These are the main challenges our customer had before we met each other.

There’s no doubt that the sales process for such a business case is a complex thing. That’s why customization and expansion of sales flow standard functionality were a necessity for PPC.

Smart Tek approach

  • In the scope of this project, we had to implement the ERP system for the company. Moreover, it was necessary to conduct the training sessions for employees to make sure everyone would be comfortable using the new system.
  • The goal was to reduce the time needed for employees to calculate forecasted profit and costs of the project, correctly calculate the estimated cost for the customer, and stop using Google Sheets for calculations and formulas.
  • The team members were: project manager, developers, QAs.
  • With PPC’s business challenge (complicated sales process) in mind, we came up with a unique solution tailored to customer’s needs. Smart Tek paid attention to different variables such as planned resources and materials consumption to ensure the desired result.
  • Therefore, our expert team managed to create a system that allows users to work with proposals and apply different automated formulas to calculate the predicted profit correctly.

Value delivered

  • By combining the “out of the box” flow and customizations, Smart Tek tailored the system to fully meet the customer’s needs.
  • In fact, time is the most significant value provided by this solution. That’s because employees have to spend way less time calculating the project’s predicted profit, costs, overheads, etc.
  • Our solution has completely replaced the usage of Excel or Google Sheets. The new ERP system is open-source.


Time of development



Technologies used

Odoo (Version 13)

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