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ReMelife and RemindMecare

Executive summary

About our client

Our client is a healthcare-oriented LTD that specializes in producing products for older people with dementia and mild cognitive impairment. Being a UK leader in the provision of software to the care industry, this company has undoubtedly proven its expertise in delivering outstanding care, support, and therapy to elders, dementia, MCI, and LD’s.

Business challenge

Historically, the healthcare care industry, especially elderly-oriented care, is considered a slow adopter of technology. Fortunately, our clients make a significant contribution to healthcare delivery practices for older people, and therefore help to integrate technologies into healthcare more efficiently.

With this socially significant challenge in mind, Smart Tek decided to take a proactive approach towards this issue by creating a state-of-the-art app that captures the value in society’s caring actions and the data people generate in doing so.

Smart Tek approach

  • The application was initially developed by a 3rd party development team. Hence, Smart Tek was requested to overcome poor documentation and piecemeal component development.
  • Thanks to sharing responsibilities across a team with different levels of experience, Smart Tek shares findings intuitively and enables graceful knowledge transfer.
  • Looking further than simply fixing the immediate issues they are presented with, the team has sought to address the fundamentals underpinning the system and improve performance at every turn.

Value delivered

  • ReMelife and RemindMe care are tools that enable understanding of the person being cared for. Everyday care activity is acknowledged and rewarded, encouraging family collaboration and involvement of the younger generation.
  • Our developers provided a high-performance application that is easy to use and introduce to both the healthcare sector and society as a whole.
  • Due to combining problem-solving skills and a top-notch technology stack, we came up with a unique solution that provides users with the means to take control of their care and take back ownership of their data.


Time of development

November 2020 – Onwards


Technologies used

HTML5/CSS3, PHP, Angular JS, jQuery, MySQL, Laravel 4.2

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