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Spotimatch (Matchfy)

Executive summary

About our client

Nowadays, there are thousands of talented artists that want to gain popularity online. However, where should they start from? With this crucial social challenge in mind, our client decided to create a unique platform to help artists and playlist curators promote their music on Spotify.

Thanks to Matchfy, more than 30 000 artists have already managed to target a large audience.

Business challenge

  • The key business challenge was to create an online professional platform that meets Matchfy’s requirements.
  • At the same time, it was necessary to create an attractive and easy-to-use app for both artists and online users.

Smart Tek approach

  • Smart Tek enhanced UI design, and therefore, made the app more convenient for the new users.
  • What is more, we introduced new feature plans.
  • As Matchfy’s services include a paid subscription, our team of skilled developers integrated a top-notch payment system.

Value delivered

  • We have successfully conducted payment system integration.
  • In addition to making new featured plans, we added the functionality to create collaborative playlists.
  • Due to the beautiful UI/UX designs provided by Smart Tek, Matchfy can reach a wider audience.


Time of development

5 months


Technologies used

HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, React.js, Rx.js, Node.js, Koa.js, MongoDb, Mongoose

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