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VR Bike Tours

Executive summary

About Project

We create fully immersive VR Bike Tours for communities and districts and transform the way of presenting areas that exist only on blueprints. VR Bike Tour enables users to discover new regions through life-like rides on the bike. Cars, pedestrians, public places, and houses – all of these real-sized objects allow people to explore the novel areas of their city through a fascinating journey. Moreover, virtual pointers with descriptions facilitate orientation in the new regions.

Business challenge

Designs on blueprints, brochures, or catalogs have already lost their significance in the modern world. While customers become more and more demanding, designers are constantly looking for new modernized ways of showcasing their projects, especially when it comes to demonstrating city quarters to investors and potential clients. Therefore, there was an urgent need to find an informative yet engaging solution.

Smart Tek solution

VR Bike Tour satisfies several critical goals:

  • It provides life-like representations of designs.
  • Clients and investors can gain a more profound understanding of the project they are involved in.
  • Such an engaging way of showcasing new regions and public spaces undoubtedly catches clients’ attention, raising their interest in the project.

Value delivered

Cycling is considered one of the best ways to really get to know a new place for a good reason. With this in mind, we managed to create VR Bike Tour that enables users to preview future districts and regions in a life-like immersive environment.



VR Bike Tour – the most immersive and engaging way to present your community or city quarters to investors and potential clients.



Entertainment, Real Estate

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