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HoReCa & Retail Training Platform

Franchisees and Franchisors: Why Do You Need to Implement VR Technology Today?



HoReCa & Retail training platform enables workers to train and retrain within the virtual experience at no supplementary cost or time investment from their colleagues or company.



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Each company has at least once experienced challenges related to training new staff. For example, suppose you train the employees for a café or restaurant. In that case, they will need to learn everything about your business, ranging from the organizational style and culture to the recipes and ingredients. Although it is possible to train new workers through special written instructions or videos, most of them will probably develop skills directly on the job, typically at the expense of other employees, clients, and, finally, the whole business itself. In this regard, virtual reality might be an appropriate solution as it not only improves the cost, speed, and productiveness of employees’ education but also provides them with real-world skills within the virtual experience. Read on to discover how retail, HoReCa, and public catering franchisees and franchisors can boost their business performance using virtual reality technology. 


In general, most organizations make mistakes when implementing VR to apply it to inappropriate situations. It is essential not to use VR just for the sake of utilizing the latest technology. On the one hand, it may provide employees with multiple advanced training opportunities. On the other hand, if employees do not possess the specific experience, this popular initiative will damage more than it will help. Many companies do not understand how to generate VR experiences using movement, which poses a substantial problem. For instance, if you solely record a customer service worker’s movement throughout a restaurant and then have trainees watch that movement using a VR method, this tactic might be useless. On the contrary, companies should focus on creating a virtual world where learners are able to control their own movement instead of observing others’ actions.


Speaking directly about one of the most remarkable features of using VR technology in terms of the restaurant chain, this innovative initiative is considered the best way to provide staff with qualitative training within a shortened period of time. Let’s describe a representative case in order to provide you with an in-depth understanding of VR technology prosperities. Just imagine you buy a franchise of a restaurant. The organizational work is still in process; the interior design, the professional equipment, and the supply of products are not ready yet. Nevertheless, you have an opportunity to train your employees on ready-to-use virtual guidelines just as if everything would be prepared for proper functioning right now. Hence, when you finish preparation and open your doors for visitors, you do not have to spend time training your waiter, cooker, or barista. They are able to serve your clients immediately when you have finished all other work. As a result, VR poses your restaurant chain several steps ahead of the business competition, allowing you to spend your valuable time developing other essential aspects of your enterprise. Our solution includes users/roles management system and extensive analytics to track the progress and assign training modules to employees.

Upgraded Franchising

Here comes another incredible perspective – the same as VR may be useful for franchisees in the restaurant chain, it might also benefit large corporations that sell their franchises. One of the most prominent cases is that of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Their VR project’s idea is based on the utmost care and concern for detail that the founder of the chain, Coronel Sanders, deposited to cook KFC’s globally famous dishes. While buyers gain an ability to perform tasks following the company’s stringent protocols, KFC’s franchisers are ensured concerning the proper quality of their products. Thanks to VR technology, the name of the franchiser’s company remains to be in high esteem. Our experience has proven that franchisers are more likely to experience rapid economic growth and restaurant chain extension thanks to VR technology. Taking into consideration all of the above, though VR is a relatively costly investment, it brings considerable long-term dividends for both franchisees and franchisors, so it is undoubtedly worth attention.

Extended Accessibility

Many modern-oriented HoReCa, retail, and public catering franchisers specialized in foreign cuisine or unknown products often experience problems informing the employees about the dish, its ingredients, and preparation technology. Fortunately, virtual reality benefits the corporation in these cases, allowing anyone, including potential workers, to display the ingredients, equipment, and processes in advance and have a sharp and vivid idea of ​​what they will have to do. People with disabilities, for instance, those who have lost their hearing ability, can also utilize this technology because there is no need to listen to voice explanations by their colleagues – they simply can see all instructions virtually. Subsequently, it is logical to assume that VR technology is accessible for people with special needs as it breaks any possible social, language, racial, national, or health barriers.

Value Delivered

VR technology is beneficial not only for franchise training but also for franchise marketing, analytical opportunities, franchisee induction, and accelerated employee hiring. There is no doubt that VR technology is imperative for both franchisees and franchisors to succeed in the 21st-century competitive business environment. Do you want to stay ahead of the business competition, or you just continue to follow out-of-date business strategies? The choice is only up to you, but if you want to enhance your corporation with VR technology, we can help you. Just contact us and make the first step towards the world of future technologies that may become a part of your business only in one click!

VR Job Training for Retail, Cafe, Fast Food

See the video below and explore how it looks like in action.

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