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The Most Realistic VR Baseball Game

Download Big Bat VR Game here and immerse yourself into a highly personalized virtual environment.

Implementing VR technology has demonstrated successful results in skill acquisition and coaching, as well as limitations in terms of efficient technology and constraints on the user.

Research by Oliver R.L. Farley, Kirsten Spencer, Livvie Baudinet



Full-blown virtual reality baseball game with an exciting gameplay for professional players and newbies as well.



  • Sport simulator
  • Entertainment

About Project

Playing sport games with VR goggles makes you feel like a player on the field, but is that the limit? How to make the game not only exciting but also pump skills of the player to prepare for a real match.

Putting our technical understanding and creativity to work, we have created a baseball game simulator that allows us to hit the ball with a real bat on a field surrounded by crowds of fans. All to make training not only fun but useful and safe as well.


Many of the Oculus Quest 2 best and most played games fall under the sports category. The virtual reality games let players immerse themselves in a variety of sports, all from the comfort of their homes.


Virtual reality baseball game allow players to experience the thrill of America’s favorite pastime in a fully immersive digital environment. Using VR headsets and controllers, players are able to step onto the field and interact with the game as if they were actually there.

The gameplay in a virtual reality baseball game is similar to that of a traditional baseball game. Players are able to control the movements of their team’s players, swing the bat, and throw the ball. The game also features realistic physics, so players can experience the sensation of hitting a home run or making a diving catch.


Virtual reality baseball game offer a unique and exciting way for players to experience the sport. The immersive environment, realistic gameplay, and customization options make for a truly engaging experience. Whether you are a hardcore baseball fan or just looking for a new way to experience the sport, virtual reality baseball games are definitely worth checking out.

Big Bat VR Game

Hit the ball with a real bat and feel like a baseball star.

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