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Leverage Modern Technologies with Your Top Partner for Augmented Reality Development

In the 21st century, customers are more demanding than ever before, that is why it may be challenging to impress them with ordinary services, applications, or traditional means of advertising. Fortunately, Augmented Reality (AR) brings new experiences to familiar objects, bridging the gap between the digital and physical world.

Today more and more smartphones offer support for AR technology. Accordingly, the market for AR apps also rapidly expands. Thanks to the ability to overlay digital data over real surroundings, AR not only improves business processes but also boosts customer engagement.

Being one of the top augmented reality app development companies, Smart Tek helps businesses present their products, services, and content in an engaging way by delivering competing AR app design and development solutions for interactive applications in any industry.

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Augmented Reality Development Services

Custom-Made AR Applications

We develop custom-made applications where AR is triggered by images, photos, or QR codes. Thanks to ARKit, ARcore, and Vuforia technologies, we enable users to interact with the world utilizing the smartphone’s cameras and sensors, motion tracking capabilities, and integration of virtual and real objects.

Location-Based AR Development

We develop top-quality AR applications that rely on technologies that identify a device’s location and position with high accuracy, such as GPS, accelerometer, digital compass, etc. Our company creates both marker-based (the tracked object is black-white square marker) and markerless (the tracked object can be anything else, e.g., picture, head, hand, etc.) applications for Android, IOS, as well as smart glasses, which are trendy today.

Object-Tracking AR Development

Due to object recognition technology, users can experience real-time 360° augmented reality immersion around any physical object. In other words, object-tracking refers to the ability to recognize the form and shape of various things and their position in space caught by the smartphone’s camera.

Support at Each Stage of AR Development

We know that creating successful augmented reality applications requires a dedication of time, resources, and efforts. Nevertheless, our augmented reality developers enjoy this ongoing process, providing customers with all the necessary assistance, help, and support before, during, and after project development to guarantee that every feature corresponds to your business needs.

Research & Development

The decision to adopt AR technology as part of your enterprise is a significant step. That is why it is essential to test your idea before you develop a full-featured app. Luckily, Smart Tek enables companies to experiment with AR applications by providing high-quality research and development services.

Web-Augmented Reality Development

While most people associate AR with mobile-based applications, Smart Tek also offers web-based AR development because this technology is gaining more and more popularity among modern users. In WebAR, there is no need to download an app to your phone and therefore, users can get an instant AR experience.

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Industrial Potential


Augmented reality is a powerful tool for improving patient care. This technology allows healthcare workers to effectively deal with physical and mental problems and promote faster recovery of patients, along with developing time-saving and cost-effective training. While physicians may use AR to learn about new drugs and medical therapies, it also enhances medical students’ education on basic medical and anatomy concepts.

Marketing & Advertising

As branding and marketing, in general, are based on straightforward, authentic, and informative storytelling, technologies that assist in generating a well-informed and trusting customer base may benefit marketing and advertising. AR technology allows companies to market their products to customers along with technology that will help them better explain the specificities and advantages of their goods/services.

Real Estate

Thanks to AR technology, real estate agencies can share information about their property via a full 3D home tour with the touch of a button. AR also lets potential clients explore apartments or houses through their smartphones regardless of their location. At the same time, it can be used for pre-selling of unbuilt properties through AR visualization of the final result. Explore our Augmented Reality House project to find out more about AR utilization in real estate.

Education & Training

AR enables tutors to present virtual examples of concepts and add gaming elements to provide visual support for written instructions. Importantly, AR education and training have a notable impact on the students’ progress as this technology keeps them engaged by incorporating the visual elements that ease the process of memorizing, and reducing cognitive load.

Logistics and Warehouse Management

Nowadays, specialists in terms of logistics and warehouse management are continuously looking for new ways to enhance their productivity. AR technology appears to be one of the most appropriate tools to bring current logistics to a new level. For instance, Amazon has already developed the robotization of its warehouses because such large organizations are always searching for efficient ways of streamlining processes with minimized human intervention.

Don’t see your industry on the list? That is not a reason to stay apart from modern technologies. The scopes of AR’s applications continually expand, spreading through more and more business segments. Just drop us a line, and we will help you choose an appropriate solution that perfectly suits your business needs.

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Our experts know how to improve user experience through AR applications that increase customer engagement and interaction.

We enable products and brands to increase their value with the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies.

Minimize risks and maximize the potential of your training with AR training guides and simulations.

Our easy-to-use applications benefit different users, including mentally and physically disabled individuals.

We develop AR applications that add value to the purchase process as this technology boosts engagements between user and vendor in online stores.

With an emphasis on a creative approach to your unique demands, we consistently deliver AR solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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What is Augmented Reality?

AR proposes looking at the real world enhanced with digital components, such as three-dimensional objects, sounds, videos, and graphics. AR gives more freedom, along with providing marketers with a wide range of opportunities because it does not require a head-mounted display.

How does Augmented Reality work?

To show the relevant content to the user, AR adopts computer vision, simultaneous localization, mapping, and depth tracking (sensor data calculating the distance to the objects). This method allows cameras to collect, send, and process data in order to show digital content relevant to what the user is looking at.

How much does augmented reality application development cost?
  • Simple AR app with ARkit/ARCore/Vuforia excluding 3D modeling services — starts from $3,500
  • 360 virtual tour — starts from $3,500
  • Architectural visualization — starts from $3,500
  • Object recognition with computer vision — starts from $6,000
  • Facial features recognition app — starts from $6,000
  • Outdoor navigation — starts from $7,000
  • AR Training experience – starts from $6,500

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How long does it take to develop an AR application?

The price of each project varies significantly because it depends on the degree of customization and application functionalities. In general, a simple custom AR app can be developed during 500 working hours—about two months from feature agreement through coding and testing to release. Still, when the project has complex features, it requires a precise estimate which is typically discussed with the development team.

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