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Experience Digital Innovations with Our Amazon Web Services

As the organization with the biggest share of the public cloud market, Amazon remains one of today’s most popular companies. According to the recent statistics, 64% of businesses (among those that utilize cloud services) use AWS.

The capabilities of AWS are utilized across a wide variety of industries, varying from cloud computing services and data warehousing to mitigating cybersecurity threats or developing faster websites.

What great things do you want to achieve with AWS? Indeed, the answer undoubtedly depends on your business goals, but our skilled and talented AWS developers will bring life to all of your ideas, it does not matter whether it is consulting or more complex tasks like AWS migration.

Hire AWS Developers at Smart Tek and Get
Our High-Quality AWS Development Services

Custom AWS Development

Leveraging the potential of robust AWS development tools, we create best-in-class AWS applications to deliver competing solutions to different enterprises from all over the world.

AWS Migration

Backed by years of experience in AWS Migration, our expert team knows how to migrate your workflow to AWS in order to boost competitive edge, accelerate business value, and modernize your infrastructure.

AWS Management

Our AWS management service provides ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure to handle your workflows more efficiently after the migration.

AWS End-to-End Development Process

At each stage of the development process, we’ll push to ensure that you get the most powerful AWS solution!

Project Evaluation

The first and one of the most critical steps of the development process is undoubtedly establishing common goals and the project’s purpose.

Project Plan

When all critical aspects are already agreed upon with the customer, it is time to set timelines.

Wireframes & Prototyping

At this phase, we create prototypes (high-fidelity designs that show how a user will interact with the app’s features) and wireframes (website layout / functionality designed at the structural level).

UX/UI Design

Thanks to our creative approach to User Interface and User Experience Designs, we create designs that delight and inspire.

App Development

Here comes one of the most significant parts of AWS Development – coding. To develop secure and scalable AWS apps, we define the technical architecture, pick a robust technology stack, and determine the development milestones.

Quality Assurance Testing

We constantly run tests (both automated and manual) throughout the delivery process to provide customers with a qualitative understanding of their AWS Applications.

With Our Tailor-Made AWS Solutions, Each Business Can find What It Needs

Join the cohort of companies from different industries that are already taking advantage of our AWS Solutions!

Real Estate

The Most Powerful Technologies for Top-Quality AWS Development

Amazon S3

Amazon EC2

AWS Lambda

AWS Cloud9

Amazon Glacier

Amazon SQS

Amazon RDS

Amazon CloudFront

5 Reasons to Use
AWS Platform for App Development


Competitive Advantage

Being an organization that supports over a million active clients worldwide, Amazon Web Services enable businesses to move quicker, work more safely, save expenses, and develop their enterprises.


Leveraging Global Innovation to Strengthen Your Business

Although AWS has competitors like Microsoft and Google when it comes to prices, no other cloud service provider can match the strength of Amazon Web Services in terms of dedication and innovation.



Whether this is the first time your business is moving to the cloud, or you are migrating from another cloud service platform, AWS provides you with every asset you need to improve your IT framework.


Increased Speed and Agility

AWS is associated with a significant increase in business agility and speed due to the low costs and time required for enterprises to get-to-market.


Enhanced Security Measures

AWS’s incredible security and aptitude to store your information, IT infrastructure, and data safety are considered one of its most critical benefits.

Work with Best in the Field, Hire our AWS Developers

Agile Approach to AWS Development
Timely, Relevant, and Informative Reports on Project Status
Client-Focused Approach
Well-Established Communication
Dedicated Team of Experts that Meets Your Requirements
Top-Level Services to Satisfy Your Ideas


What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platforms that offers more than 200 multi-functional services from data centers all over the world. AWS enables thousands of customers, including growing startups, large enterprises, and top government agencies, to lower their expenses, become more agile, and implement innovations faster.

Does AWS really save money?

Suppose your business works with a smart AWS consulting partner, like Smart Tek. In that case, you can take significant advantage of flexibility on Amazon Web Services by lessening costs on your demanding resources  — reducing your overall budget by 40-60%.

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