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We Leverage the Multiple Benefits of Cloud Architecture
to Deliver World-Changing
Azure Development Services

In a modern business environment, the usage of powerful cloud platforms like Azure is an inseparable part of companies’ success. Therefore, as a leading cloud provider, Smart Tek uses a robust set of Azure cloud development services to help your enterprise maintain its competitive edge.

We build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network using the most effective Azure tools and frameworks to create future-oriented projects tailored to your needs.

More than 95% of Fortune 500 organizations are already using Azure, so here is your chance to unleash the full potential of your business. Choose which language and framework you require for your cloud-based application development, and our team of experts will build it for you!

Explore Our Azure Development Services
to Find What Fits You Better

Launch your apps fast and lessen expenses with our Azure development services.

Custom Azure App Development

At Smart Tek, we help companies develop successful cloud-based apps that enhance user experience and save infrastructure expenses.

Azure Mobile App Development

Thanks to the full scale capabilities of Azure mobile development services, our Azure developers rapidly create, test, and release engaging cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

Migration to Azure

Given the paramount importance of data security, we help businesses to migrate any size of data to the Azure cloud without experiencing any drawbacks.

Azure Optimization

Our Azure Optimization service enables companies to optimize their cloud resources for high availability, enhanced security, efficient performance, all at an affordable cost.

Azure Development Process

Project Evaluation

The first and one of the most critical steps of the development process is undoubtedly establishing common goals and the project’s purpose.

Project Plan

When all critical aspects are already discussed with the customer, it is time to set timelines. We create detailed plans and always meet the deadlines to deliver solutions on time.

Wireframes & Prototyping

At this phase, we create prototypes (high-fidelity designs that show how a user will interact with the app’s features) and wireframes (website layout / functionality designed at the structural level).

UX/UI Design

Thanks to our creative approach to User Interface and User Experience Designs, we create designs that delight and inspire.

App Development

Here comes one of the most significant parts of Azure Development – coding. To develop secure and scalable Azure apps, we define the technical architecture, pick a robust technology stack, and determine the development milestones.

Quality Assurance Testing

We constantly run both automated and manual tests throughout the delivery process to provide customers with high-quality Azure Applications.

With Such a Client-Focused Approach,
We Can Develop Azure Solution for Any Industry

Real Estate

Our Azure Development Company Adopts Powerful Technologies
Stack to Deliver Top-Rated Solutions




5 Reasons to Use
Azure for App Development


Keeping Your Data Secure

Nowadays, Microsoft Azure is among the leading cloud providers that ensure the highest level of protection of your working environments. Due to its powerful security measures, evolving threats are detected rapidly, enabling you to respond quickly.


High Availability

With Microsoft’s worldwide data center network, companies can host apps everywhere because the web app server of Azure guarantees high availability up to 99%.


Reliable Data Storage

Whether it is structured file data or massive amounts of unstructured data, such as text, Azure is optimized to store any type of information. Moreover, Azure enables users to easily manage data using an import/export feature to help migrate your data.


Flexible Scalability

Nowadays, scalability is considered one of the key concerns to many businesses as they need to change over time, whether for growth or downsizing. Hence, Azure allows companies to increase/decrease their storage space and computing power on demand.



In the modern, rapidly changing world, speed is a crucial aspect that allows companies to keep their competitive advantage. Fortunately, Azure provides speed of deployment, speed of operation, and speed of scalability, helping your business gain significant improvements.

Why You Should Hire Our
Azure Certified Developers

Strong Azure Platform Expertise
Azure Application Development Adjusted to Your Budget
Qualitative Consulting Services
We Safeguard Your Business Data from Security Mishaps
Highly Creative Approach to Complex Tasks
Transparent Azure Development Process


Why should you hire dedicated Azure Developers?

If your company is looking for a fast and qualitative delivery of cloud solutions, then hiring a dedicated team of Azure Certified Developers is a perfect choice. Here are some benefits of hiring a dedicated team:

  • The team of experienced professionals works as your in-house team
  • You can manage communication with the team
  • Complete control over the project
  • Solutions tailored to your needs, time limits, and budget
  • Flexibility in Hiring Model
What is Azure programming?

Azure is a cloud computing platform launched by Microsoft. This platform is open and flexible with its multiple development capabilities, data storage options, and service management offerings. Thanks to the wide range of international Microsoft data centers, Azure hosts a large variety of web applications over the internet.

Is Azure better than AWS?

Choosing the right Cloud provider is an extremely important decision for businesses. Both Azure and AWS have some positive and negative aspects. For instance, Azure and AWS are similar in providing capabilities for virtual networking, storage, and machines. Indeed, the choice of the cloud platform undoubtedly depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, when it comes to price, Azure is 4-12% cheaper than AWS.

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