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Cybersecurity Services:
Guarding Your Technology,
Your Business Identity, and
Everything in Between

In the fast-moving world, technologies are continuously evolving, providing more and more opportunities for users. However, as the digital sphere develops, so does the threat landscape.

While many companies adopt their technology without guidance from a cybersecurity service provider, they simultaneously risk getting hacked. Fortunately, the main goal of our cybersecurity team is to protect your business from the dangers in cyberspace. Therefore, you can feel safe with our support.

At Smart Tek, we know that putting our best foot forward and taking a proactive stance against cybersecurity warnings is the best reaction to cyberthreats. As a leading cybersecurity provider, we ensure your safety through cutting-edge security services that strengthen your cyber defense.

After all, just remember – security is a necessary investment, not an expense.

With Our State-of-the-Art Cybersecurity Services,
You Can Focus on Business, Not Threats

We help businesses understand and manage their cyber risk

Information Security Assessments

We analyze the effectiveness of your information security program to identify compliance gaps, weaknesses, and aspects that can be potentially improved. Our information security assessment helps to detect risks for your business along with providing options to solve any issues we find.

Virtual CISO

Being your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), Smart Tek can provide your organization with specialized cybersecurity expertise. Our dedicated team of experts creates a robust cybersecurity program that not only helps you reduce risks but also delivers future-oriented solutions to protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision.

Application Security Services

Our app cybersecurity services, including security code review, mobile device and mobile application management, cloud and web application security testing, were designed to guarantee the smooth work of your applications and deliver high-level digital experiences to your clients.

Network Security Monitoring

The best way to cope with security threats is to predict and eliminate them before they lead to severe issues like a data breach. With our network security monitoring service, we ensure the smooth workflow of your business by implementing SIEM, DDoS protection, email security, firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP setting (e.g. Ransomware), and antivirus protection.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as the art of detecting cybersecurity vulnerabilities, helps to prevent intruders from infiltrating your computer system or network. Let our team of cybersecurity engineers conduct a thorough assessment of potential vulnerabilities, prioritize the most dangerous ones, and suggest ways to block cybersecurity threats before they damage your bottom line.

Trustworthy Cybersecurity Services
Provider for Multiple Industries

Security is a matter for everyone!


The security of medical data – is a crucial component within information assurance programs at hospitals worldwide. Therefore, our cybersecurity services ensure the protection of the healthcare institutions, including hospitals’ internal data, patients’ personal information, etc.


The modern educational sector, especially when it comes to remote learning practices, also requires digital security. Hence, our experienced cybersecurity engineers can develop solutions that meet educational institutions’ cybersecurity management and policy challenges.


It is a well-known fact that cybercriminals typically target finance more than any other industry. For this reason, this vulnerable industry needs top-level protection that modern cybersecurity solutions may provide. With our cybersecurity service provider, workers of the financial sector can easily recognize the telltale signs of common cyber threats and respond appropriately.


Cyber-attacks often cause significant technological disruptions happening in the manufacturing sector. Unfortunately, these drawbacks not only slow down the working process of one factory but also may harm the effectiveness of the whole infrastructure. Thus, cybersecurity measures are an inseparable part of manufactures’ proper functioning.


Our daily life, economic vitality, and political security depend on stable and safe cyberspace. Needless to say that cybersecurity is extremely important to the government. Cybersecurity is usually associated with protecting digital assets, networks, and computers from attack or illegal access to public sector data.


While stores often transfer a lot of valuable information to payment providers, for example, credit card data, they inevitably become a more appealing target to cybercriminals. That is why retailers require stable cyber protection of their networks.

Why You Should Choose
Our Cyber Security Services

Rapidly react to data breaches with network security as a service that involves 24/7 monitoring.

Hire a team of skilled cybersecurity engineers with a deep understanding of cybersecurity methodologies.

We help you protect both your business and your customers by keeping your information safe and secure from unauthorized parties, hackers, fraudsters, and criminals.

By keeping your business network and infrastructure safe, we also shield your company from potential downtimes caused by cyberattacks and data loss.

We help you update your security software, including a database of viruses, malware, and ransomware, to effectively cope with emerging online security threats.

Our cybersecurity experts continually expand their knowledge and experience to address new challenges faster and better than the competitors.

Thanks to the thorough analysis of both existing and potential threats that may harm your business performance, we offer client-oriented solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our cybersecurity specialists provide the most effective solutions to guard people against the threats that target them.


Why is cybersecurity so essential in the modern digital environment?

While the modern world poses a wide range of cyber threats, cybersecurity helps protect users’ sensitive data, personally identifiable information, health information, personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems. In this regard, cybersecurity is exceptionally critical because it shields all types of digital data and information from theft and damage.

Who needs cybersecurity?

In the contemporary digitalized world, every aspect of our lives, ranging from social media to online banking, is available on the internet. Cybercriminals use this fact as the opportunity to gain access to this data and use it for their own purposes. Hence, it’s logical to conclude that every active internet user needs cybersecurity today. Furthermore, companies are even more vulnerable because cyberattacks pose a risk of lessening their profit, damaging the customer base, or even destroying the whole business.

What is the cyber risk management setup?

New technologies are continually developing, so cybersecurity also changes rapidly. For this reason, it is essential to track when your risk management process becomes outdated to set up new updates on time. Thus, the cyber risk management setup means detecting all gaps in your cybersecurity protection and fixing them.

What should the company do if it is targeted by a cyberattack?

First and foremost, the answer to this question depends on the fact whether you were prepared for this incident or not. If you already have a reliable cybersecurity service provider like Smart Tek, there is nothing to worry about. In the case of the opposite scenario, it is essential to develop a comprehensive recovery plan that can be quickly implemented to mitigate the damage caused by the attack.

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