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A Smarter Way to Your Business Management with ERP Development, Implementation & Customization Services

With ERP software development, it’s possible to implement visibility into your vital business processes. Whether you want to streamline your financial management or increase team collaboration, ERP solution is an all-in-one suite of applications that helps businesses manage and integrate workflow.

Ensuring faster and more efficient daily operations, ERP software streamlines your core business processes by providing all the tools you need in one interface.

While ERP software solutions refer to our core services, Smart Tek provides top-notch ERP customization, implementation, and allied services for either small businesses and large enterprises.

ERP Systems We Work With


Due to such a feature-rich suite of business management software tools as Odoo, we deploy seamless ERP solutions that help businesses manage accounting, marketing, and sales workflows as well as enhance control over production cycles and client service. With your quality requirements in mind, we spare no effort to ensure the final product functions and performs to your ideal — as efficiently as possible.


Smart Tek provides end-to-end Salesforce development from requirements analysis to turnkey solutions with a high level of security and proper data encryption. Taking your business roadmap and unique requirements as a point of departure for our development process, we build custom apps to ensure your Salesforce investment plans are really rewarding.

Explore the Full Suite of Our ERP Software Development Services

ERP Implementation

Backed by years of experience in ERP implementation & consulting services, we constantly help businesses implement ERP into their business operations management. Moreover, we consider your integral business regulations, industry specificities, and development strategies to implement ERP into your enterprise as if it has always been a natural part of it. Hence, we set up ERP-ready infrastructures, deploy ERP modules, configure custom features, and conduct introductory training for ERP admins.

ERP Customization

Does your current ERP solution fit your specific business context? Our expert team will help tailor your solution to your unique company by delivering state-of-the-art customizations optimal for your requirements. What is more, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee that every custom module runs smoothly within the integrated ecosystem.

ERP Migration

Despite the complexity of the transition from one ERP to another, everything is not so scary with our ERP software development company, as we have walked this path several dozen times. Thus, we created a well-oiled ERP scheme that helps migrate ERPs to warrant flawless business workflows and perfect customer services.

ERP Integration

Whether you want to conduct integration by leveraging ready-to-use solutions or creating exclusive integration software, we can satisfy both of these requests. First, we analyze the most suitable integration method for your project. Then, our front-end and back-end developers write the code that enables data exchange between the two systems to ensure an impeccable integration process.

Industries that Benefit from ERP Development, Implementation & Consulting Services

Food & Beverage
Aerospace & Defense
High Tech & Electronics
Service Providers
Here is your industry!

ERP Implementation Process

The ERP implementation process includes multiple critical steps, so here we describe all of them to assure you of our high-quality approach to this practice.


The expert team as an engine of the process

We believe that great work starts with great people. For this reason, choosing the right professionals is the first step of our ERP implementation process. We select the talented experts with the needed level of knowledge and experience and engage ERP consultants to ensure the implementation process will run smoothly.


ERP implementation management plan

There is no doubt that a good plan is a half-done success. Hence, we plan each aspect, including budget forecast, implementation schedule, training timeline, testing requirements, and go-live activities, to deliver successful results.


Data migration

We’ve prepared and planned as much as we can, so now it’s time to get down to the process of shifting your business over to the new ERP. In a nutshell, this process includes mapping legacy data to new database fields, data cleansing and verification, database setup, testing and validation of legacy data, and data transfer to the new system.


Training ERP user base

The proper user adoption is an inseparable part of each successful project, so ERP implementation is not an exception. Role-based training, well-established feedback, and clear communication – we utilize all of these methods to provide trainees with a profound understanding of the ERP system we implemented.


Go-live activities

This is what we’ve been endeavoring toward: the day ERP implementation goes live. Thanks to such well-planned activities, we are prepared for any potential issues or challenges that may emerge. We conduct pre- and post-go-live testing, check networks’ speed & reliability and identify metrics for project evaluation.


Evaluating results

Finally, it’s time to measure the success of ERP implementation. Does the project meet the client’s budget requirements? Does the ERP system satisfy their business goals? There are plenty of questions it’s necessary to ask about ERP implementation, but all answers will definitely be positive when you work with Smart Tek.


What is ERP?

To put it simply, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is specific software used by different organizations to manage their daily business processes such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations.

Why is it necessary to hire an ERP consultant?

Consultants make your ERP implementation easier, and here are some reasons why. While ERP systems are typically too complex and puzzling for inexperienced users, qualified ERP consultants help keep your projects on track and guarantee that vital business functionalities adjust with your ERP implementation.

What are the main benefits of ERP software?
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Better Financial Planning
  • Improved Data Security and Accessibility
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Operations and Data
  • Reduced Time and Costs of Litigation
Do all businesses need an ERP?

For growing enterprises, always comes the point when the amount of generated data also increases, so there appears an urgent need for efficient data tracking solutions. Fortunately, ERP allows managing all that information easily; that’s why it’s suitable for diverse companies that grow & develop.

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