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Transform the Everyday
Physical Objects Into Digital
Ecosystem with Our IoT

Imagine, a world in the future where a digitized network of physical things enriches your life with limitless possibilities. . Thanks to IoT Technology (Internet of Things), we can turn this imaginary scenario into reality right now!

From household devices to parking spaces, the Internet of Things is continually adding more and more things into the digital fold every day, and it is not the limit of its incredible possibilities.

Nowadays, IoT development capabilities extend far beyond the consumer products for smart homes. While thousands of users around the world already enjoy the multiple advantages of IoT home services, this technology also beneficially impacts the business field.

Leverage IoT technology for your business and transform the way you manage information flows. Obtain data from a vast network of touchpoints, accumulate them in a shared system and utilize them to boost your business!

Internet of Things
Development Services

Full-Cycle Custom IoT Development

From ideation to execution, our end-to-end IoT development services cover all steps of your digital transformation to deliver solutions that meet all your needs.

Data Integration

Our IoT integration services enable independently designed applications and data to work well together. In other words, IoT integration may be described as the mix of IoT technology and your IT assets.


The successful implementation of IoT is more than just connecting multiple devices to the Internet and collecting data from them. It is also about effectively analyzing the vast amounts of IoT-generated data to gain real business insights.

IoT Application Management

Our IoT app management services cover different aspects of IoT implementation, including troubleshooting and technical support, security, management and regulatory compliance.

IoT End-to-End
Development Process

Consultancy and Planning

A well-defined IoT application consists of many crucial aspects, such as regulatory requirements, project scope, delivery schedule, etc. For this reason, at the start of our development journey, we consult with the customer and arrange each detail to create a scalable project plan.

IoT Design and Development

Throughout this stage of the IoT development process, our IoT engineers work on the app’s UI/UX designs and integrate sensors, microcontrollers, communications software, security, and connectivity functionalities.

Security Testing

The security of your IoT app is essential in the modern digital environment. Taking into consideration this necessity, we conduct a series of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for all major releases.

Launch and Support

Finally, we carry out monitoring and performance management, fix any defects or bugs, and implement application updates to deliver a high-quality product to the customer.

IoT Technology Stack







IoT Platforms

Blending various tools and functionalities, Internet of Things platforms allow us to build unique hardware and software solutions for gathering, saving, analyzing, and managing data produced by your connected devices and assets.

Google Cloud IoT

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Salesforce IoT Cloud

IRI Voracity


IBM Watson IoT


Amazon AWS IoT Core

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Oracle IoT

State-of-the-Art Solutions Applicable
to Multiple IoT Devices






Industry-Focused IoT Solutions

The vast potential behind the Internet of Things can benefit multiple industries, and your niche is not an exception!

Automotive Industry

Nowadays, an ordinary car is equipped with many different sensors, services, and devices connecting and working via the Internet. Due to all these connections, it is possible to create a shared IoT network for automotive development.


In the 21st century, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing areas of the IoT market. With functions like automatic alerts and remote monitoring, IoT has unleashed the possibility of keeping the patients fit and safe while empowering physicians to deliver high-quality care for their patients.


IoT technology is a powerful tool that may lead to a digital transformation in manufacturing. IoT uses a network of sensors to collect crucial production data and utilizes cloud software to transform this data into essential insights about the efficiency of manufacturing processes.


In an era of fast-moving digital transformation, retailers adapt to cutting-edge technologies to build closer connections with their customers and stand out from the competitors. Hence, they adopt IoT technology to monitor and analyze clients’ behavior. With such thorough data analytics, they can obtain valuable insights that help them enhance marketing opportunities and develop sales strategies more effectively.

Your Industry

Here is your turn to increase the productivity and efficiency of business operations with modern technologies! Our skilled experts are always ready to help you choose the appropriate IoT solution for your industry. Do not hesitate, drop us a line and get a free consultation concerning your future IoT project that will bring your business to an entirely new level!

IoT Platform and Smart Tek?
The combination that Delivers Success!

Security Matters

At Smart Tek, we perceive security as an integral part of each IoT solution, so we always keep your IoT systems safe by protecting them from threats and breaches, identifying and monitoring risks, and fixing vulnerabilities.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our team of experts have experience in delivering projects to the world’s leading tech organizations across a wide variety of industries. At Smart Tek, we perfectly understand the needs of your industry and are capable of developing turnkey IoT solutions to drive your business forward.

IoT Services that Add Value to Your Business

Thanks to the in-depth analysis of the true potential of connected devices and IoT applications in each specific scenario, our state-of-the-art solutions can add business value across a variety of verticals.

Well-Established Development Process

The quality and success of your IoT applications is our primary goal. That’s why we always follow a strict disciplined infrastructure while working on IoT app design and development.


What is IoT development?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over the Internet without human intervention. In other words, IoT technology helps connect devices to a computer network to make them “intelligent” and interlinked.

What are the IoT platforms?

An IoT Platform is an architecture that connects the entire IoT ecosystem, including connected devices, software, and interface. Thanks to IoT platforms, it’s possible to conduct data management and transfer information between devices.

What are the fundamental components of IoT?

Internet of Things systems typically include four standard components such as sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and user interface. These four components are considered the foundation of each IoT solution. However, in some cases, IoT systems may consist of other additional layers (security, technology, and governance standards).

How much does it cost to develop an IoT solution?

On average, the costs of IoT development start from $5000. However, to determine the exact price of your project, it is necessary to identify its type, complexity, and functionalities. For example, approximate costs of an IoT app for manufacturing, home automation, and smart cities are higher, whereas monitoring systems and IoT for media are the cheapest IoT areas.

How long does it take to develop an IoT app?

A minimum viable product or a first application version will take about 3-6 months to develop. However, the duration of the whole development process (from the very beginning till the final release) depends on the complexity of the IoT solution.

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