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Well-optimized business processes ensure high-quality results, which undeniably are critical for all businesses regardless of their size, industry, and expertise. However, it may be challenging to organize proper workflow because the modern business environment poses multiple micro and macroeconomic issues for both mature and young companies.

Fortunately, with a reliable Odoo partner, you can easily cope with the present and future challenges of your enterprise. You’ll probably ask: how is it possible? And we definitely have the answer. While ERP can increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses, Odoo offers even more than that. With 16,000 applications for automating business processes, the Odoo system allows you to optimize the work of a company of any specialization and size.

Smart Tek Approach

At Smart Tek, we provide Odoo services that are customizable to fit any business according to its needs. Odoo delivers a comprehensive solution for diverse aspects of your organization, including manufacturing , CRM, 3-rd party integrations, e-commerce, sales, production, inventory to the warehouse management system, personnel, and marketing management, to mention just a few.

Being a steady Odoo partner in the US region, we help businesses unleash the full potential of business management software tools.

Odoo Services that Cater to All Your Business Management Needs

Odoo Consultancy

Everything starts from the conversation, especially when it comes to business. Therefore, well-established communication enables us to analyze the requirements and problems of your company and then come up with an Odoo solution that fits you best. With our client-focused and business-oriented approach, we’re capable of proposing exemplary service for any industry area we work with.

Business Analysis

Although time-to-market is getting shorter and customer expectations are continually increasing, business analysis helps us deliver solutions on time while meeting all clients’ requirements. With stakeholder needs, business context, and solution value in mind, our business analysts (BAs) ensure the high-quality product foundations, ideate and define the best approach to address needs, frame project vision and scope, and drive implementation for the cutting-edge Odoo solution.

Odoo Customization

In a modern competitive environment, your company’s uniqueness truly matters. By recognizing your distinct features, Smart Tek comes up with a custom solution that helps fix your problems instead of providing a versatile approach to everyone. Fortunately, Odoo is a perfect choice for unlimited customizations and personalizations that helps companies manage their workflow more flawlessly and conveniently.

Odoo Development

Are you looking for best-in-class Odoo ERP modules for your business? Our Odoo development service can easily satisfy this request. When you hire our Odoo development team, you work with experienced Odoo developers that accept challenges with creativity and passion. Thanks to a deep knowledge of Python and Odoo architecture, Smart Tek fulfills your company’s requirements in the best way possible.

Odoo Integration

We have already delivered a wide variety of successful solutions to multiple businesses. That’s why our Odoo developers know how to conduct Odoo integration by connecting Odoo’s product to other apps seamlessly. We also guide internal teams through the release process, assisting our customers in optimizing infrastructure and applications.

Are You Looking for a Reliable Odoo Partner? 4 Signs That You've Already Found It

1. Transparency in Each Step

Clear vision, well-defined goals, clarified expectations, and success criteria achieved through stakeholder alignment – we pay attention to each of these aspects in order to establish a transparent working environment.

2. High Quality Standards

We not only take a proactive approach towards risk prediction but also сonduct unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

3. Creative Solutions

Leveraging our knowledge and creativity, we always think outside the box. Thus, this exceptional feature undoubtedly makes our Odoo development company stand out among the competitors.

4. Communication as a Key Benefit

The development of each successful project consists of several irreplaceable components such as properly organized workflow, task management, experienced experts, etc. However, it wouldn’t be possible without the excellent communication skills of Smart Tek professionals.


What is Odoo?

In a nutshell, Odoo is a comprehensive business management software. It also may be described as a complete suite of open source business apps that helps companies deal with different processes such as CRM, marketing, sales, reporting, accounting, invoices, etc.

How does Odoo benefit businesses?

Every business undeniably has its specific needs that require appropriate solutions. In this regard, custom Odoo solutions appear to be a perfect choice that benefits companies in many ways. Here we mentioned some of the most remarkable Odoo advantages:

  • Flexibility;
  • Transparency;
  • Increased adaptation;
  • Security;
  • More efficient product management;
  • Centralized data;
How much does it cost and how long does it take to develop a custom Odoo app?

Typically, Odoo development time varies depending on the ERP model client wants to get as a final result. Concerning the price of the custom Odoo app, it’s calculated on many different factors, such as size, expertise, and requirements of the particular enterprise.

How can custom Odoo solutions help your business?

Once you try our custom Odoo solution, you’ll notice the significant difference. With this business management software, everything is easier and faster than before. When it comes to managing different business operations, there’s no better choice than Odoo because it helps to save your time, money while ensuring that you won’t be left behind any crucial information.

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