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Push the Limits of the Physical World with Our
Virtual Reality Development

Are you still dreaming about your business success? Now, you can actually see how your dreams come true with our custom virtual reality applications. Sometimes business ideas may seem unrealistic or sound like science-fictional scenarios. However, our team of talented and experienced virtual reality app developers are ready to help bring your vision to life.

We take your requirements, challenges, trust and combine them with our expertise to build a new artificial world within your headset.

In virtual reality, you believe in things because you can see them. We’re eager to show you how this technology may work to benefit your business.

With Our Virtual Reality Services,
Everyone Can Find What They Need


Whether you are totally new to VR or have already experienced the multiple advantages of this technology, our experts will help you choose suitable VR applications with all the necessary functionalities that fit your business requirements.

VR Software Development

We enhance your products and services with immersive simulations that not only boost product interactions but also significantly improve data visualization. Hence, we combine custom design, smooth user interactions, and qualitative 3D models to deliver successful VR

VR Mobile App Development

Thanks to such an interactive tool as VR, we create mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms that can span the gap between your company and consumers. We develop apps that provide innovative experiences for attracting customers, boosting clients’ engagement, and increasing their loyalty.

VR Game Development

Even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with our VR games. Our developers create a highly immersive experience that plugs users inside the game, adding a whole universe of opportunities for both creators and gamers alike.

Support at All Stages of Project Development

We believe that the success of the whole project depends on the quality of the smallest details. We treat each step of VR development as a critical determinant of a project’s progress, providing you with professional assistance, support, and maintenance services to achieve application consistency.

Top-Rated Technologies for
the Best Immersive Experience




Autodesk MAYA

Autodesk 3ds Max

We Provide Virtual Reality Solutions
for Any Industry

Automotive Industry

In the age of virtual reality, experiments with the look and construction of an automotive vehicle have become more accessible in terms of cost, resources, and time because there is no need to create expensive physical prototypes for concepts.


Surgery simulation, donning & doffing training, medical marketing, pain-relieving applications, and even more. Discover our PPE VR Training Simulator as an example of VR’s successful adoption within this industry.


Just as the modern business environment is continually moving toward the digital world, modern learning practices are also expanding their areas of practice, implementing VR technology as an interactive environment with endless possibilities to gain new knowledge more effectively.

E-commerce Shopping

Online shopping is now more popular than ever, especially in terms of how the global pandemic has shifted buying behaviors. While more and more consumers are adapting to online purchases, body-scanning technologies and life-like visuals allow users to purchase with a greater sense of confidence.

Real Estate

Planning and choosing your next apartment is typically associated with the loss of time and effort. However, with VR, you can save people time and money by previewing properties online. Provide potential tenants with a better understanding of how their next investment looks without relying on outdated photos.


Early adopters of VR/AR in manufacturing have already demonstrated that virtual training has revolutionized the way employees are being trained, bridging the skills gap and helping change the way workers are instructed and estimated. Read about our VR Training for Manufacturing to find out how VR/AR can enhance data-driven, experiential training.


It is a well-known fact that VR is a brainchild of the gaming industry. As a technology that was initially created to enhance gamers’ experiences, VR still has some exciting features and updates to impress both VR developers and gamers alike.


Virtual reality and tourism are undoubtedly similar in some sense. Both can provide a much needed sense of escaping your current environment. Going somewhere new and exciting. Unlike traditional tourism, VR allows users to journey in places that are otherwise impossible to visit, in addition to fun artificial environments.

Art and Design

VR not only allows creating life-size artworks but also immerses you inside the world created by artists. In addition to this, it enables users to draw, sculpt, and paint in an artificial environment. All in all, VR transforms the traditional understanding of art by adding the whole universe to each artwork.

Although we have already mentioned some of the most remarkable industries that already use VR, this technology may be applied to nearly any business segment of the 21st-century world. Moreover, the current state of VR is not a limit of its expansion but rather a point of departure for a lengthy process of its development.

Virtual Reality Development with Smart Tek?
5 Reasons to Answer "Yes"


Reputation Proven by Successful VR Projects

As a creative company with in-house R&D capabilities and a desire to develop outstanding VR solutions, our artistic and smart team of experts always delivers solutions that satisfy all of the customers’ criteria.


Flexible Development

We use Agile Methodology, which enables our team to promote adaptive planning, and flexible development process, quick delivery, and continuous improvement of a product.


Creative Interpretation of Your Unique Needs

There is no doubt that the development of VR applications requires some sort of creativity. Fortunately, creative custom-made solutions are of paramount importance in our virtual reality app development company. Thus, here your business traits are supplemented by exclusive immersive experiences.


Competitive Advantage to Your Business

Do you want to stay at the forefront of the business world but don’t know how to boost your competitive advantage? With our company, this problem transforms into your superpower. How? Just enhance your business processes with virtual reality and enjoy its advantages!


User-Centric Approach

Close cooperation with the customers refers to one of our fundamental values. For this reason, we adjust leading-edge product concepts and solutions to your demands in order to improve productivity, boost performance, and deliver advanced experiences.

Learn More About Our Company
Through Our Products!

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A modular training platform that allows you to educate healthcare professionals and manage their educational progress.

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The Most Realistic VR Baseball Game

Hit the ball with a real bat and feel like a baseball star.

HoReCa & Retail Training Platform

HoReCa & Retail training platform enables workers to train and retrain within the virtual experience at no supplementary cost or time investment...
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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated visualization of the real world that immerses people into a simulated environment and provides visual, audio, and haptic senses. When we put on a VR headset, it takes us into the fictitious world, completely separating us from the real surroundings. By convincing the human brain that it is somewhere it is really not, VR makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere, and anytime.

The ultimate goal of virtual reality is to provide an experience that feels so real, you forget it is an artificial environment and begin interacting with it.On the one hand, it may be a completely synthetic world. On the other hand, it may mimic the features of a real-world environment. How it’s utilized depends on your vision.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

How does a VR headset make you think you are visiting another country when you are still in your bedroom? The answer to this question is pretty simple – a life-like virtual environment makes your brain trust that everything around you is real. The video is sent via cable to the headset or through the phone fitted into the headset. VR headsets have two small LCDs placed next to each other, like glasses or two feeds sent to one display showing pictures of the same object that are slightly shifted towards one another. This technology creates an illusion of 3D space.

How much does VR application development cost?

Approximate costs for development will be as follows:

  • Architectural Visualization — starting from $3 500
  • VR Training Simulators — starting from $4 900
  • VR Learning Management System (LMS) – starting from $10 000
  • VR Simulation Lab – starting from $12 000
  • 360 Virtual Tour – starting from $3 500
Is it profitable to invest in Virtual Reality today?

Nowadays, VR is a worthwhile investment because this technology allows you to remain aligned with the business competition. In addition to this, customers are rapidly shifting to more modern technologies, including VR, so an investment in VR is your chance to attract a larger audience.

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