Virtual tours to gain investment into the new urban living and attract potential property buyers

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Virtual tours to gain investment into the new urban living and attract potential property buyers

During the past several years, most of the world’s highly populated cities become overcrowded by various vehicles. As a result, there are a lot of urban territories which experiencing severe air and noise pollution. In many areas levels of contamination are far above the healthy norms.

Cities of various sizes are searching for ways to overcome this issue. And the best way is the support of pedestrian and bicycle friendly initiatives. The pioneer in the creation of green environments is Barcelona. The city started its superblocks initiative more than 10 years ago. Since then, it reduced air and noise pollution by 42%.

Many people think that it was easy for the Spanish giant to make its surroundings walking and cycling friendly. It is so, because of the initial city structure. Barcelona is built in the form of blocks. So, isolating areas from different types of traffic was simple.

Yet, other developed countries supported the idea. They created their own superblocks by increasing the sidewalks, adding bicycle paths, and limiting traffic access to various zones. The pedestrian and bicycle friendly areas can be found in Oslo, Paris, Valencia, and many others.

Superblocks are the start of a new city planning approach called Ecosystemic Urbanism. It includes not only the creation of pedestrian-friendly environments but also ecology friendly infrastructure. Yet, today, we won’t discuss the new way of planning the city. We will focus on new eco-projects representation in a high-tech manner.

Virtual reality and ecosystemic urbanism city planning

In any country in the world, especially in the US, it is hard to make people understand the importance of eco-friendly living. Yes, we all prefer buying eco products in the supermarket, use eco-friendly bags, recycle garbage, etc. But the majority doesn’t understand the harmful influence of our traffic and noise on the world around us.

That’s why most of the ecosystemic city planning projects are failing at the beginning. We cannot create a visual representation where any person who decides can feel the atmosphere of the eco-friendly city. Or visualize how a particular part of your town will look like without cars and become more pedestrian friendly.

Several months ago, AVRspot team got a fantastic project on creating a virtual bicycle tour. And we were amazed by this concept! Anyone can enjoy the safety and beauty of the proposed area and decide if the idea fits the needs of today’s world.

You  can check our great project by clicking the link below:

And now, imagine your own eco-friendly project! How your plan passes all the doors and finally you are changing the world around you. Of course, you will say that you need tons of investments in such change. But with virtual reality tour, it is easy to get one.

Moreover, people who are interested in living in eco-friendly location, with a pleasure will ride through the areas of their future home. They will be able to fully understand that you are offering not only the new way of living for them but also a safe environment for their kids.

If you are among those who are planning new ecosystemic initiative and in need of a visual representation of your ideas, no time to wait for inspiration – contact AVRspot and schedule a live demo of what we can provide!