VR/AR for Healthcare

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Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for Retail

How Healthcare can benefit from VR/AR/MR

We’ve been working with industry experts and studying the latest medical whitepapers. Through this research, we found that Virtual and Augmented Reality in healthcare can be grouped into several categories – Theoretical training, Practical training, Assistance during procedures, and Patient Care.

Improve your patient care with AR and VR

VR Training

Training simulations can be used in a variety of genres; however, they are most commonly used in corporate situations to improve business awareness and management skills.

Demonstration of future result

With AR technology doctors can allow patients to see what results they will get after treatment. This practice is especially useful for aesthetic medicine – dermatology, dentistry, and plastic surgery.

VR for pain management

Immersive technology draws attention to itself, allowing a person to forget about pain or discomfort. That is why VR apps are widely used as painkillers or even instead of anesthesia. Read more about this in our previous article.


Through AR applications patients with e.g. arachnophobia can see how virtual life-like spiders are running on their hands. And in the moment of panic a person can turn off the phone and make sure that there is no actual threat.

Relaxing & Informing patients and family

Users can immerse themselves through VR applications to meditate and recover for a while. Besides, uncertainty creates fears and nervousness. For such cases, virtual or augmented reality applications illustrate the process and make it more clear to patients and their families.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are an excellent tool for exposure therapy. Studies indicated post-treatment improvement on all measures of PTSD and maintenance of these gains at a six-month follow-up, with a 34% decrease in clinician-rated symptoms of PTSD and a 45% decrease in self-reported symptoms of PTSD

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Examples of AR/VR Products for Healthcare

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Virtual Training Simulator

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, which show healthcare workers how to perform any operations properly in a safe environment and minimize any errors.

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PPE VR Training

PPE VR Simulator teaches HCW to don PPE in such order: gloves, face shield, gown, and respirator. The last step is to wash hands properly. This approach is based on the CDC guides, but we’re ready to design this practice according to your internal procedure.

VR Cases 4 in 1 5

VR Relaxing

Thanks to the immersion, virtual reality also allows you to relieve stress and anxiety and make the patient relaxed. Users can immerse themselves through VR applications to meditate and recover for a while.

ar training experience

Augmented Reality Training Experience

One of the main advantages of using VR and AR for training is the ability to practice anywhere, even at home.

3D Models All in 1 5

Augmented Reality Interactive Manual

Users have difficulties in finding and understanding a solution in a large user manual and sometimes they misunderstand procedures. AR mobile app helps to deal with dental chairs or any other special equipment without a handbook.

Smile AR Dentisty app

AR Visualisation App with face tracking

Such an app helps you to adjust and design the precise placement of the implant, and not only shorten the operation time because of the small wound or even the flapless surgery, but also accurately predict and avoid the nerve.

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XR for Healthcare

More info about AR/VR in Healthcare.

The main purpose of the VR training efficiency is the full immersion and the ability to simulate any situation or object in a virtual environment.

VR/MR systems may enhance the educational process and better prepare healthcare providers for practice, provide assistance at the scene of an emergency. 

Virtual and augmented reality are great tools for healthcare. Let’s take a closer look at where AR and VR can help healthcare professionals in the field of dentistry.

Simulation Lab is an essential step in the training of any future or current healthcare expert. However, is it possible to optimize this experience? 

Healthcare industry is not only about treatment but also about making therapy more pleasant. But how to cope with this task?

VR can help people better manage pain and other symptoms that traditionally require medication. 

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