VR/AR for Retail

ar vr for retail

Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for Retail

How Retail Business can benefit from VR/AR/MR

Your customers make most of their purchasing decisions on your product pages, from judging the quality of your products to picking the right size, color, or variant. But often it is not enough for them to choose the appropriate product, given the size of the object and its photo on the site.


That is why buyers often order several modifications of the same item to try both and choose the best one, or even doubting whether to make any purchase. According to statistics, on average, retailers lose 30% of income due to “abandoned baskets”. One of the tools that corrects this situation is augmented reality.

Improve customers shopping experience and optimize business processes with AR/VR

Increase conversions

Augmented reality allows buyers to see a life-like object through the smartphone camera, like an augmented mirror. This approach allows customers to see the quality of the product, try it on or see how the item will look in a certain environment, such as their room.

Reduce returns

The augmented reality product model contributes to a better understanding of the appearance of the product by the buyer. As a result, buyers are much more likely to order products that clearly meet their expectations. Accordingly, the percentage of returns is significantly reduced.

Smooth onboarding

Hiring and adapting new employees is a significant and lengthy process. However, it is still very important that new employees clearly understand the values, goals, and objectives of the company. The ideal solution in this case is to automate the learning process. VR simulation is a perfect tool as it allows for tracking movements and immersing trainees into a hyper-realistic working environment.

Mastering skills and procedures

The Virtual Reality Training Platform is a tool that makes the learning process easier, quicker, and provides trainees with practical experiences along with theoretical knowledge. This is the newest and most effective training solution that can aggregate different learning scenarios in one place.

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Examples of AR/VR Products for Retail

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VR Training

VR Training

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications show workers how to perform any task properly in a safe environment and minimize staff errors. It is a great tool for improving soft skills for communication with employees and customers.

VR Onboarding App

Virtual reality for onboarding training has long been used in large retail networks, including IKEA. Supervisors or trainers receive extensive analytics on how the process goes and can lead a trainee or a group based on results achieved during the course.

VR Simulator

VR Simulator

VR simulation is a perfect tool for tracking movements and immersing trainees into a hyper-realistic working environment. It will help you to train your workers dealing with emergencies, testing changes to current practices and preparing for the rush.

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Improve Your Retail Business

More info about AR/VR in Retail.

Large retailers have started integrating AR and VR, into their training programs to work out various situations as efficiently as possible.

The way customers think has always had a huge impact on their final decisions. Luckily, there’s a new buying trigger, called AR.

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare or design, AR can complement your marketing strategies and deliver strong results.

What you really need is something which will improve the shopper’s journey in innovative ways. Augmented reality can do it for you.

With the recent boom in augmented reality development, it was only a matter of time until things like web AR would start to appear.

Augmented reality has a huge impact on how customers buy products online. AR now helps solve dilemmas with product visualization.

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