Virtual Training Simulation Platform

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Virtual Training Simulator Platform

Improve the training experience for any industry

Modules of the platform

  • Advanced analytics
  • User management
  • Roles management
  • Cloud-based content management system

Benefits of the platform

  • Fast time to market
  • Scalable solution
  • Proven and optimized the market
  • Compatible with the most popular VR headsets
Implementing VR technology has demonstrated successful results in skill acquisition and coaching, as well as limitations in terms of efficient technology and constraints on the user.  Research by Oliver R.L. Farley, Kirsten Spencer, Livvie Baudinet

What we can do for you

  • VR Training Simulator
  • AR Training Experience
  • MR Training Simulator
  • 3D Modeling for Virtual Training

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full body vr vr headset

Industries, that already use
Virtual Training Simulators

medical virtual reality virtual reality surgery infection control hand washing level a ppe protection level d protection vr create

Effective training solutions for students and healthcare workers, that allow to fully immerse trainees into the process and gain practical experience in any field of medicine. More info here.

construction worker

Augmented and mixed reality applications show construction workers how to perform any task properly in a safe environment and minimize staff errors. Read more info here.

ar vr for retail

Virtual training provides great benefits to collaborative actions and communication as well as preparing staff and management for emergencies, sales rushes, and testing new approaches. Read in more detail here.

manufunacturing training

Immersive technologies allow to improve three main components of cognitive capacity of manufacturing workers: experience, comprehension and learning. Check out the use cases here.

military and defence virtual training

Virtual training gives armed forces an unprecedented ability to conduct large-scale training remotely and without substantial financial and human resources.

maritime virtual training sumulator

VR/AR/MR technologies are already widely used in training of many maritime fields – from e-navigation to the proficiency in launching, operating, and recovering crafts under realistic emergency conditions.


Effective hands-on training that allows police, fire and rescue services, EMS and coastguard to work out a variety of emergency scenarios in a safe environment.

Read more about how AR and MR apps help police here.

VR Cases 4 in 1 3

Holographic trainers, personalized workouts, workout gamification, nutrition and diet apps — this intriguing list of fitness AR use cases should get you reeling with the possibilities.

Read more about fitness apps here.

fintech business woman

Immersive training in the banking sector performs several optimizing functions. In particular, it speeds up the process of training new employees in customer service, and secondly, such training is used to improve interaction with large amounts of information, such as through digital desktops.

Read more about this in our article.

energy industry worker

Lots of different training scenarios for employees of fossil fuel industries, electrical and nuclear power industries, as well as for workers of renewable and traditional  energy industries.

hospitality vr simulator

Virtual training simulator is a great tool for training HORECA employees in both basic technological skills and proper interaction with customers. In addition, virtual simulators significantly reduce the cost of the learning process, because they do not require hiring specialized trainers.

education vr training

The use of Virtual Training Simulators allows educational institutions to make the learning process interactive and immersive for pupils and students. After all, in a virtual environment, teachers can design any experience for children to interact with, and then check their progress in a particular learning scenario.

Check out our Virtual Training Simulator projects

See what Virtual Training Simulators look like in action

PPE Training Simulator

Industry: Healthcare

A modular training platform that allows to educate healthcare professionals and manage their educational progress.

Industry: Education

Lessons, which educate young children on how the coronavirus spreads and how to protect themselves and others.

VR Baseball Game

Industry: Sport&Fitness

Full-blown virtual reality baseball game with exciting gameplay for professional players and newbies as well.

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