Web Augmented Reality: the way to make your customer’s experience interactive

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Web Augmented Reality: the way to make your customer’s experience interactive

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With the recent boom in augmented reality development, it was only a matter of time until things like web AR would start to appear. Why?

Because a user can simply access improved web reality. Nowadays, there are hundreds of millions of Android and iOS devices that can provide augmented reality experiences. It means that people will be able to look at the world through their phone, and place or find digital objects wherever they look. But what is Web AR?

How web-powered augmented reality works?

The Web AR concept is easy to understand. To get such experience, there is no need for special equipment like Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass. Moreover, it doesn’t require special browser installation, adding extensions or new resource-consuming applications to your mobile device.  Web AR is happing on online.
As is, it is a valuable addition to a lot of existing online businesses in terms of marketing. Web AR allows placing a life-size representation of an object as if in reality. No need to guess if a new coach will fit in your new apartment – just select it on the website, point your phone to the location and check the result.

How Web AR helps to get ROI

While the technology is still kind of primitive and restricted, it still manages to create wow-effect and boost client conversion. Many companies have used AR during their marketing campaigns and saw up to 30% growth in sales. But probably the most compelling benefit of all is how simple it is to implement it.

First steps to web augmented reality

Did you know the developers created that first AR web applications for fun? Many developers at the early stages (about 5-6 years ago) had fun by creating web AR apps. For example, Konrad Dzwinel, a Polish front-end developer, create a web app which reads your face and puts the fire on your head. The community was amazed by this funny app, and it was the first step forward web AR development. You might probably think that development of such application will be costly and time-consuming. But it is not true! With a small investment, you’ll grab a lot of attention from potential clients, as a result significantly grow your profits. Remember how few websites had mobile versions and those who made them first stole the show? Same here.

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