What is Mixed Reality and How Does It Work?

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What is Mixed Reality and How Does It Work?

Nowadays, the wildest dreams of science fiction writers are penetrating into our current day and age. And mixed reality is a huge part of it.

If you never heard of this term before, let me explain. Mixed reality (MR), is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. It’s the place where augmented and virtual worlds collide.

In mixed reality, you have an opportunity to explore the virtual environment and the real world simultaneously. Through the user space and coordinates, the holographic objects will be placed on top of the real world and whenever you move objects will change in size depending upon the distance. In addition, in mixed reality, you can manipulate the virtual objects and interact with them as if they are real.

Types of Mixed Reality

There are three main types of MR, namely:

  • mixed reality that only fuses layered digital objects into the real world;
  • mixed reality that allows users to interact with holographic objects;
  • and mixed reality incorporating the virtual environment that is connected to the real world and overlaps it.

How Does Mixed Reality Work

To facilitate the process users often incorporate other elements into mixed reality setups. These often include motion-tracking tech found in haptic gloves, more streamlined exoskeletons, and controllers.

Mixed Reality Hardware

The cutting-edge paradigm shift into MR has been made possible with the Microsoft Hololens — a headset that allows its users to overlay holograms from virtual worlds on top of regular old reality. Hololens is one of a kind at least for now. Its transparent display allows for digital objects to be overlayed on top of the real world.

The headset consists of two rings — an outer thicker plastic ring that contains the guts and an inner, thinner ring that wraps around your head. The headset contains holographic lenses and a depth camera along with speakers above the ears. There is literally a host of sensors built into the headset that includes an ambient light sensor along with four environment sensing cameras that work in sync with the depth-sensing camera.

Final Words

Mixed reality is the next step in human, computer, and environment interaction and uncovers possibilities that before now existed only in our imaginations.

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